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Originally Posted by Nomercy448

For what it's worth, the Rem 700 today isn't what it used to be. It really doesn't stand out in terms of performance compared to any of a number of other rifles available from Savage, Marlin, Ruger, Tikka, Howa, even Mossberg. I don't include Winchester in this list simply because they're at best a novelty these days, very much over-priced and low volume, just a specialty rifle for someone that wants to say they bought a Winchester.

I'm a big Savage fan...
Normally I agree with most of your views, but not these.

The 700 action, trigger, and barrel are the same on an SPS as they is on a BDL. My newer 700 rifles are just as accurate as my older ones. I don't care for the SPS stock but it is easily replaced whenever a shooter wants to go a different direction.

The new Winchester is a very nice rifle that I believe has a justified price. My 375 Safari Express was a great value compared to most of the available rifles, except possibly the Ruger Hawkeye African. Good trigger, great recoil pad, floated barrel, and bedded recoil lug all have value. It has been in short supply but that seems to be changing.

I am glad you like your Savage rifles. Nothing bad to say about them but they are just not my cup of tea. Some guys just love them.

The 30-06 is a great choice of cartridges for hunting North America and most of the game on this planet. You can buy ammo almost anywhere (even in places like Zimbabwe, Namibia, and small towns in Wyoming), and that is something that can not be said for the 260 or 7-08. The factory ammo available even includes reduced recoil rounds if required.

I do agree that the 700 CDL SF would normally be my choice over the Mountain Rifle.

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Originally Posted by Big Uncle
Normally I agree with most of your views, but not these.

The 700 action, trigger, and barrel are the same on an SPS as they is on a BDL. My newer 700 rifles are just as accurate as my older ones. I don't care for the SPS stock but it is easily replaced whenever a shooter wants to go a different direction.
All the 700 I have 13 some new some older all shoot great out of the box. The finish and stocks maybe different but that's it. I like ruger 77 just as well. Wouldn't take a savage rifle if you gave it to me love the old model 24, but that's the only savage up will have. Know people'swww who love them but that's why there are so many brands to
choice from.
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Hard to go wrong with a 30-06. I'd happily hunt 90% of the game on the planet with one and I'd hunt anything in North America with it. There is some heavy game in Africa and Asia that I'd be hesitant to hunt with it and for some of the heavy game it wouldn't be legal but for North America it is a great cartridge. The wide variety of bullet weights make it one of the very best all around calibers. Recoil normally isn't bad. Ammo is readily available. Reloading components exist in any combination you can think of. All around it would be a good choice.

As to the type of gun, I don't think there is any company that doesn't chamber a rifle in 30-06. I've used and shot REM 700s for years and I like them. But I've also used Ruger, T/C, CZ, Savage, Win, WBY and a few others. It pretty much comes down to what you like. My suggestion is to go to a big gun store and handle as many different types of rifles as you can. Caliber isn't important just handle the different makes and models and see which fits you best. Things like stock design and safeties can and do make a difference. For instance, I absolutely hate the 3 position safety on Win rifles. When I throw it to my shoulder I can't find it easily with my thumb so for me Win is at or near the bottom of the list. Others love the 3 position safety and that is why they make different things for different people. When you handle a bunch of different types your likes and dislikes will become apparent.

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Flags is pretty much right on about the 30-06 and that's why I chose it as my username. I am one that likes the three position safety on the one pre 64 Model 70 in 30-06 that I have in my arsenal. However, I also have about every other kind of safety that is made on a rifle too, so it's not a deal breaker in a choice of one rifle over another.

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I'm all about Remingtons....BUT, after being around them and talking to smiths, a Browning is hard to beat out of the box. Basically no truing needed if you want to rebarrel, unlike a Remington.
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never had a 700 shoot great out of the box, maybe I'm more demanding, every one of my 700's have been rebuilt.
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I have 2 06's both remingtons. one is a 700 ADL and the other is a 700 SPS. both are good shooters and will drop anything in Pa that I hunt. recoil is more then manageable on both guns.
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Another thumbs up for the 30/06 Spr. cartridge. I would say one of, if not "the", best one gun selection. This is a long proven 30 cal. round that can be loaded with a wide range of bullet weights. Most of the 30.06 rifles that I have set up for myself or helped set up for buddies grouped pretty darn good with bullet weights in the 165 gr. to 180 gr. weight. If I were you, I'd start there. Try as many different factory rounds as you can practically afford. Usually 1 or 2 will group better than the others.

Sounds like you are set on a bolt action and I agree with that 100%. In general a bolt action is rugged, accurate and simple to keep clean. As far as maker .... you can hardly go wrong with any of the factory rifles out there today. Remington, Ruger, Browning, Styer, Savage, Winchester, Tikka, etc. all offer very good shooting rifles. Most of the time what a person choses is the one that feels good and has the look that they like.

As far as the Model 700 .... long time proven design. I have 2 (300 Win. Mag. and 338 Win. Mag.). I have been able to find a load for each thht grups superb. You should be able too.
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You could try a CZ or Tikka also
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Go to a major retailer and handle various manufacturers. Find the one that fits you best, be it a Remington or a whatever. Check out the Rugers and the Brownings and all that they have. Also, don't overlook the 270 Winchester. It will handle elk just fine, and ammo is available everywhere for it. The 30 06 is a great choice as well.
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