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Worst Kick

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Default Worst Kick

Thinking about a .338 mag vs win mag 300 for elk hunt but admittedly, I'm concerned about kick. Presently shoot 30.06 and can fire about 20 offhand shots before it gets painful. Never shot any bigger rifle caliber.

I have practiced with 3 in magnum turkey loads in my Benelli and 100 grain triple 7 with 250 grain sabots in my Triumph blackpowder.

Opinions on the kick these last two compare to the above cartridges?
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Unless the '06 doesn't fit properly, then I would definitely pass on the 338winmag. Its a pretty big step up in recoil. The 300winmag will be a noticeable step up, but with a good recoil pad, it can be tamed. My wife handles a 300 in an Xbolt. If you do a 300, just shoot a couple rounds at a time at the range, or just until the fun factor starts to wear off. Put it away and go home. You'll find that after a while, you'll get used to the kick, and won't get a flinch. If you get a flinch, you might as well sell the thing. I did this, and went from a 30/30 that I swore was evil, to a 7mm mag, to a 300RUM. So it can be done.

That said, and not to discourage you from buying a magnum, there is nothing wrong with an '06 for elk. It has plenty of power for them within its limits, and every year alot of them fall to the '06. If its your story to the wife to convince her you need more guns, well then, thats our secret,lol.
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I have a .300 WSM in a super light gun. The kick is sharp but not a big deal. I think with a quality bullet the .300 will do fine. Plus a .300 is a much more versatile cartridge where the .338 can be overkill for a lot of smaller game.
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There is an order of magnitude between a 300 and a 30-06.

There is another order of magnitude between a 338 and a 300.

It just all depends on how much pain you like to feel yourself.

The 300 is superior to the 338 downrange in terms of flat trajectory. It is ideal for a 200 grain bullet.

There isn't anything in North or South America that a 300 will not kill, including white or brown bears.

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There are several things you can do to reduce the recoil on a rifle. One you can get a limb saver recoil reducing pad. They sell them that will install on most any popular rifle. Or you can go with the generic one that slips over the rifle's butt stock.
There is also the P.A.S.T recoil system should pad that you can wear. You slip it on and it has a fastener that goes around your body to hold it in place. This works well even with a limb saver pad. I bought one of these to help absorb the recoil of my 300 Win Mag. I broke my collar bone and while it had healed, the Dr said I should take it easy shooting rifles.
You could always install a muzzle brake (I hate them) and that would reduce the recoil down to less than your 30-06 with some systems. They are extremely loud though and that is the major downfall of them.

As to how does a 12ga 3" turkey loads compare to shooting a 300WM or 338WM? I would say the 12ga certainly is stout but it's recoil impulse isn't as sharp as a rifle. More of a hard push. I don't find the Recoil that bad on the 300WM with 200gr bullets. The 338 has a little more recoil with the heavier bullets but it still isn't that bad.
Currently I am shooting a 350Rem mag in a 6 pound model 7 and it kicks just as hard(perceived) as the 300 or 338 when I am shooting the 250gr bullets.
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Rifles are funny in how they kick. My 375H&H, a gun many cringe at the thoughts of recoil, is a dream to blast away with. It feels like a 12ga going off, a slower push of recoil. I've shot 40+ rounds thru mine at a session, and none the worse for wear. Our 300s have a much sharper kick, especially the ultramag.
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The 30-06 is already a fine elk rifle. Are you just looking to extend your range, or just and excuse to buy a new rifle???

Regardless of what you end up getting, make sure that the rifle shoulders well and fits you. Make sure you get a good recoil pad for it. A rifle that weighs a little more will kick less as well.
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Worth a look;

Maybe even clear up a few things for you.
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My 340wby kicks less than my 300win mag, IMO.

either will make a great elk rifle.

get it sighted in, this may mean more rifle range sessions, ie... 4x10shots vs. 1 session with 40shots...

once sighted in, in the field you should never feel the kick...
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I shot the 300 win mag and the 338 for years. I would sooner shoot the 375 H&H than my 338. It's recoil is sharp and nasty. I sold it. The 300 mag will do all that you ask and more.
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