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Default Remington 788 .222

I' m looking at a remington 788 .222 for $250. What are your thoughts on this gun. It seems like it is a nice gun, other than it is really plain. But other than that, there' s not hardly a scratch on it, and the blueing is all good. If anyone has any information on this gun I would appreciate if you posted it. Thanks.
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Default RE: Remington 788 .222

The Remington 788 is generally a very accurate, dependable rifle. I have shot a 788 in 243 Win since I was old enough to hold a gun. They are plain with no bells and whistles but if you use it as a tool then what else do you need. 222 Rem would make a nice varmint and coyote rifle, but I wouldn' t use it on deer.
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Default RE: Remington 788 .222

I also think the price is right as well.
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Default RE: Remington 788 .222

I have shot a 788 in .222 and it grouped well. The rifle was plain jane though. The price seems to be good. My only question is why get a .222 instead of a .223? Where I live there is .223 ammo available everywhere very few places have .222 ammo.
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Old 09-10-2003, 12:23 PM   #5
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Default RE: Remington 788 .222

The 788 was marketed and sold as a poor man' s model 700. I bought one in 308 for 250.00$ and have never looked back. They are well made and everyone I have seen has been fairly accurate. If the .222 is what you want you will not regret purchasing this model. The triple deuce is a nice round but ammunition is not as common as the.223 or .22-50. Maybe this is an excuse to take up handloading?
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Default RE: Remington 788 .222

The 788' s are well built rifles. I have fired two of them though neither were mine. Years ago my brother-in-law had one in 6mm Remington and it was a very accurate rifle. My Mother' s cousin owned one in .308 Winchester and it was also extremely accurate. Inspite of their plain appearance they were solidly built in addition to being accurate. A rifle you need not be afraid to take hunting.

I do have some experience with the .222 Remington, (but not in a 788). Until the advent of short/fat cartridges (read that PPC) the .222 Remington held nearly every accuracy record fired for small bore bench rest. You give up a little in velocity to the .223 Remington and you certainly can' t find ammo for the .222 as easily as you use to. But the .222 is one of the best shooting cartridges ever designed. If your intended use is for various pest, and/or varmints up to about 40 or 50 pounds you will have trouble finding a better cartridge. In Europe it is a commonly found cartridge for use on the little Roe Deer, (about 40 pounds or so). A very wonderful little cartridge!

Ditto, on that being a fairly good price!
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Default RE: Remington 788 .222

I had several of those 788 rifles. About six I think. I had two left hand models in 308 and 6mm Remington. The only down side of them was that the bolt handle is just soldered in and I had a couple come off on me. They sold new for just over 100 dollars at discount stores but 250 is a fair price nowadays. The thing with the 222 is that it may have some collector value down the road. They were not as common as other calibers. Other calibers that may hold some collector values are the 30-30 and 44 mag of which they didn' t make to many. Where I used to live the 222 was a legal deer round but should only be used in that area buy expert marksmen who can make a head or neck shot evey time.
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