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Default Best Muzzleloader?

If you were going to buy a new muzzleloader what would you buy? Keep in mind I am not on an unlimited budget but at the same time want a quality gun that will last a long time. Any scope suggestions would be appreciated too. Thanks
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I use two smoke poles. I use my TC Triumph on stand and a CVA Wolf in heavy cover and on drives. I have confidence in both at reasonable black powder distances. The CVA has a shorter barrel and quick to point for quick action at closer ranges.

Both firearms are easy to care for and have never let me down. Good luck!
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Nontypical Buck
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I love the T/C Triumph.......as far as scope I love the Leupold VX-II 3-9x40
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I'd personally buy a CVA Accura V2.
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Out of all the muzzle loaders I have owned in the past, the most accurate one I ever shot is a Thompson Center Black Diamond XR, it is the only muzzleloader I currently have now and I have no intentions of ever replacing it. I used to have a scope on it years ago when I first got it, I had a fixed 4x Leupold on it. With the scope it would out shoot alot of bolt guns I have been arround, as a matter of fact I took it to the range and bet one of my buddies gun for gun that it would out shoot his 243 Rem. pump, I came home with a nice 243 that day. In Idaho we are not alowed to use a scope, cant use saboted bullets, and the primer has to be exposed, so I really dont hunt with it anymore but I do take it to the range every now and then. If you can find one, you wont be disapointed.

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Thanks for the info folks! That helps me alot. I will be chasing mulies in western KS this fall with whatever muzzleloader i decide on. We can use scopes and the modern accessories so I am hopeful to put down a biggin.

Also thank you for you political views Bigbulls...we need more hard working conservatives like yourself that will stand up for the BS thats going on in Washington right now.
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I really like the Knight Mountaineer. Very solid rifle with great balance and accuracy!! Great looking gun to boot!!
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I have really enjoyed my TC Omega.
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Fork Horn
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I have the traditions pursuit pro. I have had it for several years and love it.
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I'd 2nd the T/C Omega. The base model Z5 is around $300. It's a simple rifle of a handy size and it works well, and with a good warranty. It's usually my 1st recommendation, but of course there are several great inline MLs out there. Whatever you decide on, make sure to do it right the first time. When you've narrowed your choices down after handling some of them, ask more particular questions to help make your final decision. There is a black powder section on this forum just below the firearms forum here where you might find more advice. Welcome to muzzleloading. It's a great way to hunt.
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