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Remington mountain rifle for 2012

Old 01-20-2012, 04:26 PM
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Default Remington mountain rifle for 2012

I decided that I'm goin to treat myself to the new Remington mountain rifle and cant decide on which caliber either the 308 or 30-06??? I currently have a 243,7mm RUM,300SAUM,300RUM,and 338 win mag so what should I get???
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Well considering your crazed about Ultra Mags..
I have a funny feeling your gonna be bored pretty quick..
Get a .311 Canadian Imperial Magnum..
It's the very first of the Ultra Line..
Developed in 1989 by a Canadian Gunsmith..
I got one in 1991...
It's a Custumn Sako with 28" Hart Barrel..
It smokes 200gr bullets at 3700 ft/sec..
10yrs before the Ultras and Lazz's came out..
And they are bad bad compared to these...
This gunsmith than tried 30 cal and 7mm cal bullets with similar results.. After a few awesome reports in B.C. Outdoors Mag word caught on, later...
It's a 404 Jeffrey necked to a .311 diameter bullet..
Get Rem to Custumn make one for you on this cal..
You'll be happy.. Won't be disappointed..
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To me it makes very little sense to buy a mountain rifle on a long action. I have an older mountain rifle in .260 that is all that and a box a rocks. If I were building one now definitely would be a .300 WSM.

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.308...As mentioned, short action for a light weight mountain rifle...Also less recoil with a lighter rifle...I'd also got with a compact scope as well...
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I like a .270 or 7MM RM as a mountain rifle, but seems like you're already covered......unless they are all too heavy (that is to carry).

What you need is a varmint / predator gun bud - .204, .22-250 or .223.

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Are you talking the 700 mtn LSS?

it says 7mm-08 or 30-06, not 308... is there some other mtn rifle??
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308 for sure -06 has too much drop past 300 yards
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Originally Posted by wmm
308 for sure -06 has too much drop past 300 yards
Thats a new one on me?
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Originally Posted by salukipv1
Are you talking the 700 mtn LSS?

it says 7mm-08 or 30-06, not 308... is there some other mtn rifle??
Yup.......270 & 280 are your other choice. Remington doesn't offer 308 in many of their rifles. As a matter of fact they dont offer any wood stock rifles in 308 to the best of my knowledge.
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The 2012 Mtn. SS is offered in both 7mm-08 and 308, as well as 280. Which the 280 would be my pick. Even in a LA it's still 6.5lbs
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