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Guns Like firearms themselves, there"s a wide variety of opinions on what"s the best gun.

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Default Weatherby / Tikka / Browning?

I`m a young hunter and I look for a bolt action rifle. I will use it only for predators (jackal, fox, dog...) hunting. Caliber will be .223. So I thing about:
1. Weatherby Vanguard Sub-MOA;
2. Tikka T3 Lite;
3. Browning X-bolt Composite;

May be, I will buy the Browning, but I wanna know your opinion, because I want to buy the best one for this amount ot money. Thank you very much in advanced!
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x-bolt is nice, understand browning only puts em together, they dont make anything.
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Personally I'd look at Savage and Winchester as well. I also like what Ruger has to offer now that they are making their own barrels. Seeing as how you've narrowed your choices down to the three, based on reputation and reports from others, I'd opt for the Tikka.

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I don't care for the way a tikka feels, but the 3 of them that I've owned all shot very well.
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I have owned a T3 Lite in 25-06 and currently own a X-Bolt Hunter in 270 Winchester.

The T3 is a great rifle and is very accurate. However the X-Bolt feels better to me, looks to have better fit and finish, and is every bit as accurate as the T3.

As another poster stated don't overlook other brands. A heavy barrel Savage model 12 series would more than likely be an awesome shooter.

To throw another option in the mix: Look at the T/C Icon and T/C Venture. I have an Icon in 308 Winchester that is very accurate and reasonably priced as well.
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Here is a list to consider;

However, if you can afford an X-Bolt, I'd say buy it !

Proud owner of a X-Bolt Stainless Stalker.








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Thumbs up guns

well it still looks like u picked three good ones at that,i wood have to go with the browning num 1 weatherby num 2tika realy never cared fer them its probally a good rifle
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The vanguard is the best built rifle of those three listed. It is made by Howa foir Weatherby and is essentially a Howa 1500. I'm not going to go into all of the pro's and cons here, you can do a search for "Howa", "Tikka" and "Browning" with my user name and threads will come up where I point out the features of the three different rifles.
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Thank you guys .
I have experience with Howa and Weatherby. My opinion is the Sub-MOA is made of Howa, but there is a big difference between Howa 1500 and Weatherby Sub-MOA. The Howa`s trigger didn`t fit me up. The Stock on Sub-MOA is made by Hogue and It fits me up very well. I really like Weatherby but at this moment I think more about X-bolt. "Browning, tested on animals" my brother likes to say .
I`m a big fan of Sako and that`s why I think about Tikka as well.
Than again, at this moment I think more about Browning X-bolt and I will be really glad to read more about this 3 guns. What is better on one of them compare to the others?
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The Browning X-bolt is going to be a very nice Rifle,still I would look at the Savages in the Model 25 Light weight Hunter or even the cheaper priced Savage Edge/Axis in the Combo with the black composite stock or Camo stock with the 3X9X40mm scope and another brand of Rifle I think would be worth looking into is the CZ-USA American also.
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