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Sako vs Tikka

Old 06-04-2011, 09:04 PM
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Default Sako vs Tikka

I know that both of these rifles are made by the same company but is the Sako more accurate than the Tikka? I have owned a Tikka 243
and it had ok accuracy 1.5 - 2.0 moa. I am thinking of getting a new 308 in a Sako or maybe the new Browining X bolt action.
Does any one have any experience with these guns?
All replays will be read.
Thx Doug
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I've HAD three Tikkas (gone now). I HAVE two Sako's. Nuff said.
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I have a Tikka T-3 Stainless Lite in 270 WSM...first three shots out of the box with factory 130g Nosler Ballistic Tips were 1/2" at 100 yards...holding up their sub-MOA claim! With handloaded 140g Nosler AccuBonds, 58.5g of H4831sc and WLRM primers in Winchester cases the rifle produces a ragged hold @ 200 yards.

I was skeptical of the Tikka when I first looked at it and referred to it as the Wal-Mart version of the Sako to the salesman who quickly chastised me. I bought mine because I wanted a 270 WSM, and as a left handed shooter, I had limited options and my store just happened to have the Tikka on the shelf. I gave in and bought it thinking if I didn't like it I could give it to my brother (also a southpaw) or re-sell/trade it later at little or no loss. I topped it with a 3-9x50 Nikon and 2 days before the deer season opened here took it to the range to sight it in...first 3 shots 1/2" @ 100 yards...9 shots later it was sighted @ 1" high @ 100 yards and 3 days later it dropped 3 deer dead in their tracks including a 9 point buck. I am not a huge fan of the stock but luv the rifle. Trigger adjustment didn't require stock removal and took less than 2 mins. The rifle is a tack driver and a pleasure to shoot.

I do not own a Browning X-Bolt, but do own an A-Bolt in 25 WSSM (and several other Browning rifles...BLR's, Model 71, several shotguns) and it too is a pleasurable and enjoyable rifle to shoot. I don't like that Browning limits the lower end trigger adjustment to only 3 pounds, I like mine closer to 2 pounds (which Tikka bottoms out at 2 pounds).

I suspect you had an older Tikka maybe? From what I have heard the older rifles do not hold a candle to the newer I said, I was skeptical at first as well bit now love my Tikka.

I also have Sako Finwolf (the only lever gun Sako ever built) in is a very good shooting rifle as well but doesn't really compare to the model 75 I don't think. Sako makes a great product, as does Browning. My 2 cents worth is this...if you want a beautiful rifle then get the Sako or the Browning...if you want someting you are not going to fret over taking into the woods and using it...go for the Tikka...I think all 3 will provide you with MOA accuracy...and remember, if you first don't find your rifle overly accurate, try different ammo (weights and brands) as not all rifles equally like all ammo.
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I have owned a T3 in .270, and still own a Sako 75 in 260. Any difference in accuracy was negligible. That said, the T3 just feels cheap in comparison, and wasn't for me. If you want a good hunting rifle at a reasonable price, the T3 is fine. If you want a Sako, get that. I have discovered I have a hang-up about synthetic stocks (my Accumark excluded), so that obviously influenced my decision. Just my personal preference.
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I own a Sako A7 Stainless,and the action is smooth as silk, which I love !

However it is Sako's entry level bolt gun.

My X-Bolt is a Stainless Stalker and the fit and finish is superior.

However, The X-Bolt is Browning's highend bolt gun.

Both shoot 1" MOA and under.
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Originally Posted by emtrescue6
With handloaded 140g Nosler AccuBonds, 58.5g of H4831sc and WLRM primers in Winchester cases the rifle produces a ragged hold @ 200 yards.
You should quit your day job and become a champion rifle shooter right now. I bet you can do this "all day long", as long as you "do your part". What a bunch of BS! LMAO!
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You must of had a lemon. All the tikkas ive fired shot great. Ive shot one sako it shot good also. The biggest diffrence in em is only cosmetic. My T3lite 30-06 will better than ican once i shot .5 moa at 100yds with my handloads. idoubt i could again but know my gun could..
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I to have owned 3 tikka's, I don't care for the way they feel, they all shot great, and kicked like a mad mule. I have more sako's than I need now, both the 75 and 85's and until the day I die, they aren't going anywhere
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