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Recoil chart.......

Old 05-30-2011, 02:28 PM
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Default Recoil chart.......

Can anyone give me a link to a chart that shows the actual recoil "curve" from start to finish?

What I mean is, a chart that shows the how the recoil in a high velocity magnum caliber is different than the recoil of a big bore caliber.

Something that shows the different between a caliber that feels more like a "jab" than a big "push"

Make sense?

Almost like a chart that shows the force draw curve for different cams on a compound bow........
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you're gonna need more of a formula...
your talkin about how much energy your puttin out...
how heavy the gun is..
how small/big the cal is..
how long/short the barrel is ..
and a bunch of other things ....
i would think that stanard balistics can give ya an idea..
maybe one could say that the energy, or muzz velocity or something could give ya an idea on what kicks what.
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this may help.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner
but a rifle with say 17 ft/ibs of recoil that fits you well doesn't feel like it kicks as bad as 12 ft/ibs that doesn't fit you, also good pads take out alot of felt recoil, a brake cuts it tremendously.
I couldn't agree more is #1, then all the other methods can help. Pad, Brake, etc. Don't know much about those mercury recoil reducers.

My 30/06 fits me unbelievably well. I can shoot it as comfortably as my 6.5 X 55 Swede's which fit me ok.
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Another thing to keep in mind is, there is several different formulas out there, all similar, but will give different free recoil numbers. Theres one formula out there that is supposed to give a more realistic calculation for the high velocity cartridges, and so on. The main thing is to consider them only as a generalization, make comparisons using the same table to give a rough idea of what you are in for. Ive seen tables list my 300RUM as having anywhere from 35ft-lbs of recoil to over 45ft lbs. All I can tell you, it does kick hard,lol. The recoil velocity, the other number that is calculated with the energy, is what determines if it is a slow push, or a hard jab. Again, use it as a guide, not the rule. Calculate a gun you have shot, actual weight(scope and ammo included), and see the numbers you get. That can help give you a sense of how bad something is.

Is there a particular cartridge that you are wanting to know the recoil on? Chances are, one of us have shot it, and can give feedback. Remember, a poor fitting gun will beat you harder then a magnum rifle that fits you.
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I think I did a poor job in my original post explaining what I was looking for....
Not really looking for a chart showing foot pounds of recoil or recoil speed/velocity....plenty of those out there.

If any of you are bowhunters, think about it this way........

If you chart the draw cycle of a very SMOOTH cam on a compound bow, you will see that it has a slow but steady rise to peak draw weight, a rather short time at peak weight, and then a slow/gradual decent into the let off weight.

If you chart a very AGGRESSIVE cam for a speed bow, it will have a VERY quick rise to peak draw weight, and a longer time at that peak draw weight, finishing with a very sharp drop off into the let off weight.

Think about if you could chart the recoil in an average weight rifle for something like a .300 Ultra Mag.
I would expect to see a very sharp/fast peak to maximum recoil force and then a sharp drop off........showing why most folks say the .300 Ultra recoils with a sharp "jab".

Then, think about charting a .375 H&H Mag. I would expect a slower rise to peak recoil force, then a longer time at the upper levels of recoil force, then a slower drop off........showing why I hear most folks talk about the .375 H&H as a VERY big "push".

Does that make anymore sense?????
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Problem with recoil charts is they do not account for powder wieght. Which makes all the difference in the world.
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Shoot whatever caliber you "need" to get the job done, & make sure to bring enough gun !

Unless you are going to be bench shooting with it all the time.

Right tool for the right job IMO !!!
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I'm not sure you're going to find the chart you're looking for.

Are you looking for a specific comparison by chance? ie avoiding the big sharp kicking calibers?

My general idea for this is when you're shooting a big bullet at fast speeds you get fast sharp kicks with large amounts of recoil, ie 180-250gr bullets at 3000 fps+
ie the 300 mags, 340wby etc...kick hard and fast, and

I've heard the 378wby is particularly one of the if not the most brutal kicking rifle out there.

my 300 and 340mag both kick hard/fast, not a fun rifle to shoot off the bench for many rounds.

my 270 is a puppy dog, imo these size round are very easy fun tun to shoot, a 375+ imo becomes more of a big push than a sharp kick.

on that chart i showed you....recoil velocity may be an indicator you're looking for...
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Here, this maybe a little more usefull to you.

It will tell you the energy of recoil and the velocity of recoil.
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