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Remmington Managed recoil Ammo

Old 05-22-2011, 05:27 PM
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I understand why MR loads would be desired for a variety of reasons.

I also think that there are many ways to reduce recoil via other means that should reduce the kick enough to use standard loads.

The best example given to this point has to be about kids using a rifle you already own, or if you suffer an injury causing weakness in your shoulder (I'll add that) would keep you from purchasing a new firearm. Let's face it, new guns can be pricey, and sometimes you need to keep costs down. Especially if the need to reduce the recoil is just a temporary thing.

I still think that a lot of people are using MR loads unnecessarily. I'd rather do something with the stock of a gun I own and use the partitioned rounds I like for hunting. I like the comfort of having the heavier hitting ammo for hunting, and learned to shoot my firearms with the rounds I use for hunting/plinking.

That's just my personal thoughts on the subject of MR loads.
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I appreciate all of the responses, so I will give more detail for the question. For background I have a few auto loaders, and a 20 g shotgun, and a few pistols, however this is for my first bolt gun.

Yes, a few years ago hurt the rotator cuff (shoulder), since then when I shoot my father in laws bolt 06 the shoulder get sore.

Multiple things I was looking at.....first obviously my shoulder, but second, I do have young kids and I want them as they grow into this rifle to be able to shoot it. debate was do I just buy a .243 since I will mostly (90%)be using it at the range and every now and then a deer hunt or two.......easier on the shoulder and the recoil will be easy on the kids........or option number two is to buy a .270 or another managed recoil round knowing if the ammo worked it wouldn't be painfull to go spend a day at the range but when we go out in the field if I needed a heavier round is was there for the taking.

So there you go......any suggestiones are welcomed and at least a little more background erases any questions.
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I would recommend practicing with the same ammo as you are going to use hunting. If you are going to practice with MR loads, use them for hunting with full knowledge of their limits and your limits. You should know your firearm and ammo well. A padded shooting pad for the shoulder can help a lot. Limit your range time session length so your shoulder does not get sore. You mentioned before that you have a 10/22. Use this for a lot of practicing. A .22LR can be used for practice well over 100 yards.
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Works great, I would recommend them.
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Another thing to do is invest a little money in a Caldwell Leadsled.....You can sight Your Rifle in with it,then shoot a few free-handed off a weighted bag and see how well You do!I sight all my Rifles in with my Lead Sled so I don't get a sore shoulder then I shoot it free-handed and make sure I can put the shot where it was hitting while using the Lead Sled.I have had my shoulder operated on a few years ago and when I go to the Shooting Range the Lead Sled helps make sighting a gun in so much easier and enjoyable...and I usually get several others there asking to borrow it (the Lead Sled) so they can sight their Rifles in too!

I also shoot a Browning A-Bolt Hunter in a .243 and I really like the less recoil in that Rifle and it has helped me not to flinch when shooting and I have taken several large Doe's and several nice 8-Point Bucks with it also.You can't beat the accuracy of a Bolt-action Rifle and with less recoil it will help You become a better Shooter/Hunter...a lot has to do with good shot-placement,so practice a lot with Your Gun and make good ethical shots on any Game Animal!

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I reload....a lot.

I believe managed recoild is a godsend in anything 30cal and up or mag.

Frankly if a fellows perfection load for his 6.5# 300WSM/308/06' is an 2700fps 180 TTSX I doubt very much sufficiant practice will get done. A lead sled is a great tool for site in but not so good for field positions.

I lug an 8.5 # 06' around if I shot 600rnds of 180s I'd have aflinch from doom
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