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Looking for a rifle! Help!

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Default Looking for a rifle! Help!

I'm looking for a bolt action rifle for my son. (not a youth rifle) This will be used for whitetail. I want a gun with decent quality that will last a life time, but not break the bank. I also want a decent trigger. I could possibly look at after market triggers but dont really want to. I'm thinking on the lines of 7mm08 or 25/06. I have a Tikka Whitetail that I really like, so I'm thinking about maybe a T3 but I dont know anyone that has one. Also thinking about a Savage. Any help would be appreciated.
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Take a look at these;
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Both great cartridge choices for a youth!

If you want a 7mm-08 I would not get a tikka, I would get a rifle built on a short action, not a long action made to shoot a short action cartridge, but in a .25-06 in a tikka I'd have no problems, I've heard mixed reviews about tikka. Many will say the .25-06 needs a 24" barrel, also something to consider. A 7mm-08 with 22" would be fine IMO however.

There are so many options and quality affordable rifles out there nowadays.

You may even consider a .270win, or .270wsm, if you go with the wsm I'd make sure it was built on a short action like the 7mm-08, otherwise just get a .270win.
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Default 25-06

Look at a Weatherby Vanguard. Blued/Composite is available for $399 in 25-06 & 7MM-08. You can also look to the Howa 1500 (Howa makes the Vanguard) with a Hogue overmolded stock for about the same money. Triggers can be cleaned up nicely by a Gunsmith for $35-$50 in my area. These are solid well built rifles that come with guaranteed accuracy. I own an old S&W 1500 (again built by Howa) and I like it very much.
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My vote
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My vote in 7mm-08
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I just bought a Remington 700 SPS Buckmasters for $599 minus a $40 rebate and am extremely happy with it. Shoots cloverleafs and is well made. And the trigger is sweet.
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If you are looking for American made - Ruger M77, Remington 700 with X-Mark Pro trigger, Savage 112 or 12 with Accu-Trigger, Winchester Model 70, American made Weatherby (some are not American made).

Imported - Browning bolt actions, Howa, Weatherby Vanguard.

You did not give the age of your son or his shooting experience. If this is for hunting, you may want to consider starting with a cartridge that has a slower bullet and not as long range (.44 Magnum, 30-30 Winchester) until he learns safety, when to shoot and is able to keep his composure while hunting.
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Imo the Savage model 10's or 110 if you get a long action caliber they sell at Walmart are one of the best deals you can get for the money. They have have the accu trigger on them which is great. It's probably my favorite factory trigger I've ever shot. They sell this as a package deal with a scope for $387-397 depending on which Walmart you go to around here, however, it's always under $400. I've not seen any similar Savages anywhere near this price anywhere else. You can then just sell the scope for $20-30 and put a nice scope on it and have a nice rifle that will shoot great, and be great quality.

If you want a rifle that is nicer in fit and finish then I'm a Browning fan, however, you more than likely won't get any more accuracy if you even get as good of accuracy. What you can get is a nice wood stock, and a nice polished finish. Just depends on if it's worth the extra cost for you. IMO the Savage is one of the best deals out there right now though.
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One thing's for sure, you'll probably have a lot of choices in either caliber you decide on.

I own neither of these calibers. I'm not an advocate or opponent of either of them. Were I comparing them as you are, I would probably find myself leaning toward the 7mm over the .25 simply because of a wider variety of projectiles available (some with very high BCs) - and because I reload and would probably want to take advantage of that.

I don't own a Savage, Browning (rifle) or Tikka, nor the current batch of Rugers or Winchesters, so I can't speak with any cedibility about the pros or cons of any of them. My Remington 600 and 700s have served me well over the years, as has my Weatherby Vanguard and my CZs. My brother's a Ruger and Browning guy like most of his hunting buddies. Our hunting camp stories seem less about the gun than they are about the person behind it. i can't remember any instance where anyone's had a mechanical problem with a rifle.

It'd be pretty easy to overthink this otherwise. But, provided you wind up in a good quality rifle and scope, your son should be pretty well set for awhile with either of these calibers.

Have you asked him what his preference is yet?
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