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Glock 10mm

Old 04-03-2011, 10:31 PM
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Question Glock 10mm

I was looking into getting a new pistol to carry while out in the Montana backcountry & the -new- Glock 10mm caught my eye... anyone use it?? Likes/dislikes?? Better idea?? Let me know your thoughts?? Thanks in advance! -South
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I went with a .44mag

one formula I came across was, .40cal+, 200gr+, 1000fps+, meet all 3 of these...for griz defense.
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Personally I would want bigger if I was buying a gun for Grizzly country. Here in Colorado I would consider that a fine woods gun.
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I have a Kimber Target II in 10mm and it is my go to hiking gun since it is lighter than any of my wheel guns, of course where I live there are no bears. I also reload for the 10mm since Manufactures have decided to down load the mighty ten to .40S&W levels. I can load a 200gr Hornady XTP over a stiff load of Blue Dot right at 1250fps. It's just a hair under max load and works perfect for me. I have also recently cast up some 200gr hard cast bullets for it and have them clocking along at 1200fps out of my Kimber. I could push them a little harder but they shoot fine at this velocity and when fired into wet phone books they penetrate deeply.
When I had to work up in WA state I took my 10mm with me and wore it while hiking up in the hills just in case I ran face to face with a Mt Lion or Black Bear.
I think the cartridge would be a minimum for protection from large bears and that would be if I were using the hardcast bullets.
With the Glock you can load 15+1 but you are limited to jacketed bullets unless you buy a drop in aftermarket barrel. Then you can shoot cast bullets out of them. You can also get heavy cast loaded bullets from Double Tap that are pushing a 200gr bullet at 1300fps and have a nice wide meplate to do the most damage to the beast that it strikes.
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Hey buddy, when it comes to protection against the critters we have in our back yard i think you would be better off going with at the minimum of a .357 mag. I pack a 44 mag myself, but the minimum i recommend is .357, especially if you are going to be spending any time at all in the Cabinets or the Yaak.
Some other choices you can look into are the .45 long colt, 454 casull, or the 44 special even, but i wouldn't go any smaller then those. And make sure you add a can of bear spray to you day pack. The stuff absolutely works, don't let all the jokes about it disuade you from carrying it.
The nice thing about it is it also works real nice on cats too, had to use some on a big cat one time when i was fishing the river below the falls. It works, so pack it.
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If you are going to carry the 10 mm for those purposes, check out Double Tap Ammo. They load a 200 grain hardcast bullet that clocks 1300 fps from a Glock 20.
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