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Can not decide 300 or 30.06 0r 308

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Default Can not decide 300 or 30.06 0r 308

Just returned form Afghanistan and my dad is taking me on a father/son Elk Hunt in New Mexico. I'm stationed at ft. Campbell, KY and I'm not a huge rifle hunter. I do have an older M77 Rueger 308 with a leuopold 3x9 scope on it, which is an option i have been told. BUt i was looking at the Rem 700 XCRII in a 300 or 30.06. I talked to a Remington Rep the other day and he gave me his ballistic book, and now they make these power 1,2 and 3 rounds. Which is says the power level 1 is equal to the 30.06, but i know the energy and speed will be more then the 30.06.

Do i plan on doing more big game hunting (Elk, Moose, Bear) not sure. Right now I have over 20 years in and not sure where i will retire or if i will be able to go big game hunting anymore, so I'm leaning towards the 30.06 or just taking my 308.

Another question is would you take a 308 and what is the max distance you would shoot it? My dad is taking his 7mm, so we will haave a bigger caliber with us also.

I appreciate any info or help someone with rifle knowlwdge and/or experience can help me with.


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I got rid of my 300 ultra mag last year. This season I had a 385 yard shot at an elk with my 30.06. I didn't take the shot. With my 300 ultra mag, it would have been a no brainer. For elk hunting in the open spaces, I like a bit more gun. I'm not saying the 30.06 is not capable of that shot. I was just not as comfortable at that distance with the 30.06 as I am with the 300 ultra mag. I'm sure not saying you need an ultra mag for elk hunting, I'm just saying it's sure nice when you need it and you have it. That's just my opinion. My opinion is worth about what you paid for it but I am a veteran elk hunter.
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Generally speaking it's recomended that you have 1500 ft.pounds of energy at the distance that you're gonna harvest the elk.So according to federal's ammo website the 308 using 180g nosler partition you'd have 1672 ft. pound @ 300yds. With the 30.06 with a 180g nosler partition you'd have 1591 ft. pounds @ 400yds.

Both are simular and if I had a 308 I wouldn't go out and buy a 30.06.Me personally I'd take the 308 until I found out how much future big game hunting I'm gonna do then decided if I need more gun.

P.S......thank-you for serving it's much appreciated!!!!!!

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All three rounds will do the job you have planned with no problem in the hands of a competent shot at the distances where 99% of hunters would attempt a shot.

If you are prone to flinching or want to spend much time shooting the rifle after your elk hunt, the 300 would drop to the bottom of my list. The magnum ammo is markedly more expensive than the other two and the recoil becomes unpleasant for any sustained target shooting.

As far as choosing between the .308 or the 30-06, pick the one you like the best. The rounds are too close in performance to waste time debating about them.

I agree with Jerry above, your existing rifle will do the job just fine but there's certainly nothing wrong with shopping for another big caliber rifle if the funds permit.
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.300 WSM

.30-06 isn't a bad compromise of the 3.
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For Elk and other heavy hided, thick boned big game, my preference would be .300 WinMag. It'll provide extra energy, bullet penetration on a big animal like elk well out to 300 yds and beyond. .30-06 is also a very good all around choice. Not quite the energy at the longer distances. But get it zero at 200 yds and know the bullet drop (charts) beyond. Stay within the ranges you're comfortable and confident at. I'd without hesitation take either .300 WM or .30-06 out for Elk and shot out to 300 yds. A very good bullet like Nosler Accubond, a quality partitioned bullet or other bullet made for heavy hide/bone animals that shoots well (accurate) out of your rifle is just as important. Best to you.
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In terms of the wise thing; Do what Jerry said.

Use the .308 for this hunt, and see if big game hunting gets in your blood.

Now, if it were me; I'd buy that Remington 700 XCRII in .270 Win, put a good scope on it and have it for life.

Thanks again for your service !
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Want to thank everyone for their input. It does help me out, I'm a hunter and i know if i was closer to Elk i would be a bigger Elk hunter but for now Whitetail, Turkeys and Ducks are what i will be after for.

I guess i just needed too know if the 308 would be fine for at least this one hunt until i do figure out what to do after that hunt. We have a nice range on post that our snipers shoot at and they open up to us during the week and weekends, so i will be able to get some good practice in. I know that 300 would be putting a good hurting on my shoulder.

Thanks again,

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I guess i just needed too know if the 308 would be fine for at least this one hunt until i do figure out what to do after that hunt.
Absolutely! The bottom line is that if you can't get it done with a .308 then you don't need to be elk hunting.

Use a good 165 or 180 grain bullet and if you can put it where it needs to go then you have a dead elk.
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first of all thank you for your service to this country, my family and i greatly appreciate it, and secondly, glad to hear of a fellow m77 .308 hunter, i've owned mine for 12 years now and wouldn't think of using any other caliber for the hunting i do. I did however buy myself an interchangeable optima elite just in case i do ever feel like going after something as large as a moose, but for elk, mule deer and whitetails i'm plenty confident with a 300 yard shot.
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