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.300 Win. Mag. or .300 WBY Mag.?

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Scope eye is all about eye relief and shooting angles, normally up hill is the concern.

If you end up with a custom built gun, they better mount your scope for you and they better make sure you have plenty of eye relief (given that you select a scope with at least 3.5" eye relief) !

I would mention to them that it is a concern of yours, just so they give you an additional half inch when mounting your scope.

BTW - ask around, it's happened to "almost" everyone..............and we are all still alive ! LOL

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If you're going to the expense of a custom build spend an extra $150 and put a muzzle break on it. Get a thread protector if you don't want the break on it all the time. I think the recoil of the 300 WM is tolerable a 300WBY is pretty stout and a 300RUM is just too much to handle comfortably. Do the break and don't worry about recoil or scope cut
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Not a fan of muzzle breaks.

I had a Browning Stainless Stalker with the BOSS on it in 7mag.

Touched off a shot inside a box blind and my right ear rang for 3 weeks.
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........ In your previous post I responded and advised to get the eye relief set right. As you can see from the responses on your current post, this is a HUGE factor in the ability of the shooter to be comfortable with the gun. If you think you're gonna get bonked, you will never shoot that gun well. As far as the response you got about reloading the .300 Wby with components costing more, the only difference in components between the WinMag and the Wby is the cost of brass. All else is exactly the same for bullets, powder by the can, and primers. It's all up to you.
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I have a .300 WBY mag and love it! Have never owned a .300 WIN mag, but have shot a few and the recoil isn't too far apart. WBY will punch a little harder. I am not a Weatherby fanboy, or any other kind of fanboy for that matter, but I believe this is one of the best rounds out there, especially for long ranges. The only reason I believe it isn't as popular as some of the others is the ammo price. Most folks don't want to spend 2-4 bucks a shot. The average feller would rather take a more common, good performing caliber with cheaper ammo. Of course, a 1000 yard gun isn't an average gun, by any stretch of the imagination. And, in my opinion neither is the .300 WBY mag caliber. Worth all the consideration you would give it.

That being said, I do not at all think you would be making a grave mistake by going with the .300 WIN mag, but my preference would be the WBY. Have fun with your decision and soon to be rifle!
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Rifle Recoil Table (Compiled by Chuck Hawks) This might help you schoolcraft
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