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Heavy copper fouling

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Heavy copper fouling

Old 01-28-2011, 02:27 PM
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Default Heavy copper fouling

Started cleaning out my 1953 7.62x54 Mosin Nagant last night after using a bore light and seeing a flat copper looking build up in the rifling. I figured i did a good job at cleaning it when i first got it, however, after running a soaking wet patch of pro shot copper solvent IV and letting it sit for a few hours, i pulled out a neon blue patch!

Ive used the bore brush a few times already and while the fouling has been removed greatly, theres still thick build up of copper in areas near the muzzle.

What do you think? Let it sit over night with the solvent in the bore and hit it with a brush in the morning?

I aint ever seen a neon blue patch before!
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Old 01-28-2011, 03:56 PM
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The neon blue is the reaction from the ammonia and the copper. Seeing the blue is good only in the sense that you are actively getting out the copper. I used to use Sweets, run a patch through and let it sit 5 minutes and run another one through until no more blue was on the patch. Well let me tell you, with a factory barrel you’ll get real board real fast unless you are luck and have an exceptional factory barrel. There is stuff on the market called KG-9, it’s not ammonia based, it’s some type of mild acid and attacks copper much better than any ammonia based cleaner.

I would not let either sit in a barrel overnight, some say it doesn’t hurt but the directions say not to do it, I for one am not going to risk destroying a barrel, factory or custom.
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Old 01-28-2011, 05:58 PM
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I'd try a foam product next. Don't plug the end of the barrel.

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Old 01-29-2011, 07:08 AM
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Originally Posted by statjunk View Post
I'd try a foam product next. Don't plug the end of the barrel.

+1!Get some Wipeout.
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Old 01-29-2011, 10:48 AM
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I'd use a more aggressive approach than soaking it overnight. Maybe some barnes cr10 and a brush and some jb bore bright. Solvent can only do so much sitting there, and it'll go quicker if you do short soaks and scrub with a brush.
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Old 01-29-2011, 11:41 AM
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Wipeout is your freind. CR10 is dangerous. Leave CR10 in real long, and you might pull out surface rust. Been there.

Wipe out, you can leave in for days, and no harm. ON a badly fouled gun leave wipeout in for 5 hours, then clean out and apply again and let sit overnight. Then in the morning, swab all out and do it again. This time you should see no fouling.

If you do, repeat. You might want to use some aggressive JB bore paste.

Also, don't use a brass jag. This will react and give you false readings. I use the coated ones.
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Old 01-29-2011, 12:28 PM
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will do guys. I got a great deal out but its still pretty heavy in area's where it makes it look like the bore is pitted. I'll see what the local gun store has in stock.
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Old 02-01-2011, 10:21 AM
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PLug the the breech end with a silicone plug and lock the bolt in place. Filll the barrel with non sudsing ammonia/ blue kind and stick in a ss cleaning rod. with electricla tape at the end to insulate it and various bands of tape along the rod to prevent the rod from shorting. Attach two wires to a single d-cell flashlight battery and attach the positive wire to the barrel and the negative to the rod and watch her bubble and foam. After five minutes remove the rod and clean the carbon and blue buildup and then reinsert and let sit for a 1/2 hour max and check again. Wouldn't try it on a custom gun but tried it on some trash beaters and I was thoroughly impressed. A mosin nagant junker is definitely a gun I would try it on.( did it on a old savage and a old .303 brit) just don't leave for long periods unattended and do it outside in a garage. FOr barrel block I use a silicon caulk gun and shoot out a little hersheys kiss shapped peice of silicone caulk and let it harden and insert in breech and lock the bolt in place to seal it up. get the rod at a hobby shop or use a model rocket guide rod like I did first time. This is experiemental so beware and use at own risk. Clean up rifle and barrel extremely well after use. No need to warn me about the potential harm of electrolysis from a 1/2 hour at most of a single d cell battery. negligible and not a worry on the guns i used it on as they wer ein bad shape to begin with. Hopefully it will be of some interest to someone. take care.

( got a more complicated versions and recipe from the net with ph balanced ammonia solution and radio shack parts but this lazy version works for me on the two I used it on and real cheap)
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