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6.8 spc stag arms

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6.8 spc stag arms

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Default 6.8 spc stag arms

does anyone have any expierience hunting whitetail w/ the 6.8 spc on an ar platform . is it enough caliber for 200 -300 yards or is there a hunter type ar platform rifle in .308 that i havent heard of ?
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Default Pick your poison...

There are a lot of options for your needs. The AR-10 family of battle rifles (precursor to the M-16/AR-15) are widely available from several manufacturers (colt, armalite, bushmaster, DPMS, etc etc etc), or there's the Winchester SX-AR (Not really an AR)... Other Semiauto centerfire rifles would include Browning BAR, Remington R-25 and R-15, Ruger Mini 30, or battle rifles like the FN-FAL, SKS, AK-47, or CETME (I've used an SKS 7.62x39mm and CETME .308win for deer in the past. Mount a scope and a 5rnd box mag and you're in good shape). I also have used a .30-06 Springfield Armory M-1 Garand, and a Springfield M-1A .308win, heavy, but amazing accuracy, and always a good conversation piece.

Personally, I went the route you're considering. I had an AR-15/M4 that I really liked, but couldn't take it deer hunting. I bantered back and forth between a 6.8 Remington SPC II and a 6.5 Grendel. I settled on the SPC 2 because I could get the barrel cheaper. I bought a barrel and bolt combo and 4 magazines for less than $300 and did the rebarrel job myself (Once you learn how to do it, it takes about 30 min, but it does requires a few specialty AR takedown tools-which you should own anyway if you own an AR-15).

I spent ONE season like that, then decided to build an entire upper for the SPC so I could switch back and forth easier and because my M4 receiver was a fixed carry handle and I didn't like having a scope that far off the bore of a heavy barrel (the SPC). Ended up having less than $500 in the SPC upper. All I have to do to switch out is pop 2 pins to remove the upper, pull one pin to change the bolt in the bolt carrier, and slap it back together, takes less than a minute.

I'm typically a little more of a purist when it comes to deer hunting, prefering a .44mag levergun or .44mag revolver for most of my hunts, but I'll admit, I LOVE slinging that AR-15 over my back and heading afield.

I'll ALSO admit, I'm absolutely tickled pink every time I pull the trigger on my 6.8mm SPCII AR-15... Very reasonable recoil even in the AR-15 platform, and it has performed like a dream the last 4 deer seasons. I loved that rifle before when it was still a fixed carry handle and a standard 16" carbine barrel, but she's a real shooter now that it's sporting a carbon fiber free floating tube around a 20" stainless heavy barrel and a flat top receiver. I've since picked up a 16" heavy barrel to make it a little easier to handle... Next on the list for it is a titanium nitride coated trigger and bolt carrier, just to add a little extra bling...

Extra point of fact... One of my good friends/coworkers bought a Winchester SX-AR .308win this winter, which was the first time I'd seen one. We went prairie dog hunting 2 or 3 times a month all summer with it, shooting p-dogs anywhere from 50-300yrds, very accurate rifle! Plus, it has a camoflage finish and stock, and has a more typical hunting rifle profile compared to the AR platform rifles. Smooth firing, very accurate, and really reasonable recoil for a .308win. Since then, on my recommendation, my soon to be brother in law bought one and has had similar results. I'm used to an AR platform, so I'm used to the weight in my hands, while the SX-AR is balanced more towards the muzzle more like a typical heavy barreled hunting rifle, it'd take a little getting used to for me, but it's a sweet shooting rifle.

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Had a stag arms model 7 hunter in 6.8 SPC and it was awesome. The gun was extremely accurate with the silver state armory ammo and is more than enough out to 300 yards on deer size game. As far as an AR in .308 goes you can get AR-10's in .308 but they typically weigh and cost considerably more then the AR-15 platform.
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