Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.


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Originally Posted by hometheaterman
If you want a great shooter that is a great gun, but may not be the prettiest, Savage imo is the best choice. Winchester would be my choice if you wanted a gun that was decently accurate, with nice wood.

Make sure if you get the Savage that you get one with the accu trigger as it really is a great trigger. The Stevens 200 is basically the older Savage Model 110 without the Accu trigger. So if it came down to the Savage without the accu trigger or the others, I'd just save my money and get the Stevens as it's basically the same. The big advantage to the Savage line is the great trigger on the accu trigger models.

Savage guns are very accurate, very good quality guns. They just aren't always the prettiest. They do have some with nice wood, but even then they to me aren't the prettiest, but they sure are reliable shooters.

The Rugers are nice looking guns, but most of the time they have a reputation for not being the most accurate.

The Mossbergs, are known for just being okay guns at best and if it's the ATR they have had issues in the past with a bad bolt design and people getting hurt shooting them. This scares me off from the ATR line, especially when you can get a lot more gun for not much more money from Savage.
The folks at Ruger must have screwed up because the three I have are all very accurate and well made.That said today I would get a Win Model 70 because I always liked them and would just like something different for a change.The new model 70's are really nice.
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like some have said, you may need to re-think caliber selection. 300 win mag is a big step from the ol thutty-thutty. Rely on accuracy and an inherently flat trajectory over power for deer. .243 (or my favorite 6mm rem...ammo's a little more expensive though), 7mm-08, .308 or .270. .30-06 or 7mm rem mag if you really feel you need it. You sound like a fairly young person. When my son comes of age...he'll be using .243 (or ol dad's beloved 6mm) for deer sized critters. 300 yd shot with those is, imo, the limit for a reasonable shot.... Most hunters should never really shoot at anything past that yardage anyway..unless they are extremely accomplished marksmen. good luck

the accu trigger savage would be my first pick for a good gun with a limited budget

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I own 3 ruger rifle and they are all accurate, own 1 Winchester and its accurate as well. Dont own any savages, but I have shot several and they all shot good. I have 0 experience with the mossberg or stevens.
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