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Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

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Originally Posted by Big Uncle View Post
I guess everyone was an expert on all matters when they were this age. Thank goodness there was no internet when I was a boy, or I would have been glad to share what I thought I knew. I have never met the "know it all" yet with whom most guys were happy to share a campfire.
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To the OP: If I had a spare donor action and did not have a .280 in the rack, I would have a good .280 tube screwed on and be a happy guy.
I will say one thing Big Uncle = that is that the reason why most people are not willing to share a campfire with a guy that is a know it all is because they don't like being told that they don't know nothing - are stupid or bought the wrong item..

I was in a hunting camp once and told a person that a 30-30 Winchester rifle was too light for hunting deer where we hunted. He walked over to the gun rack and picked up his grandsons Marlin lever action rifle and handed it to me and asked what is so light about it.

He did not understand that the powder inside of the shell and the size of the shell has more to do with how the rifle will shoot then the actual gun itself.

This guy was the head of the transportation division of J&L Steel and was a millionaire. How do you tell a guy that spent 10 years in the US Marines that he doesn't know anything about rifles?
I just let that dog sleep and didn't make any waves and let him keep on believing that a 30-30 Winchester was a good long range rifle.

When you have owned over 100 rifles and shotguns in your life and have shot probably 3 times that amount in your life, you get to know what a gun will and will not do. Some are good, some are great and some were a waste of old scrap metal that they used to produce the firearm. Most new guns today will never set in my gun cabinet.

If you ask for a persons opinion - then you have to be willing to listen to what they are telling you. You cannot be combative and come on a forum and start telling people how this person is stupid or this person is wrong or this person doesn't know anything about guns - when you don't even know who this person is!

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PM sent to all involved parties.

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HNI received 3 separate complaints about this topic this morning. Several posts have been edited and PMs sent to all involved parties. You are free to argue, disagree, refute each other's arguments, kid, cajole and even tease each other. You violate the rules when you insult each other. Please refrain from further rules violations. Now go play ball and finish the discussion.
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www.gunbroker.com has new and used .280 and lots of them.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
how can you argue with some of these rediculous posts?, I'm outta this one!
Actually, you of all members, are very capable and know a lot. You would be able to explain with facts easily whether there is a substantial difference or not, etc. As a gun nut, I would probably disagree with you if you said choose one or the other on the general principal that one can never own enough guns and why publish an excuse to own less guns.
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