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Which is better for youth?

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Default Which is better for youth?

Folks, need some insight on which would be a better match for introducing younger shooter to hunting. Looking for a smaller caliber for deer hunting that won't have to much recoil for younger kids. I'm thinking of the .243, 7 mm-08 size caliber. I also want the cartidges to be easily found, not a dying bullet. Any ideas and/or specific guns would be appreciated. Thanks.
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.243 Win in a Remington Model 7

What the heck is a dying bullet?
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I think he means a cartridge that's not very popular and not easily found in most mom and pop country grocery store.. with that in mind I'd have to go with some .243 win...
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No question... .243. You can find the cartridges anywhere that sells ammo, it's accurate, easy on the shoulder, and plenty of punch for deer sized game.

7mm-08 is a fine cartridge also, but, the ammo is a little harder to find and there's a good step up in recoil.
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I only have one centerfire rifle, a Ruger .243 that I bought in 1980...It's killed almost 200 deer, it's all that's needed...
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I started my kids off with a .270 using remingtons recoil loads. Now that they are older they don't need to use them, but they have a larger caliber gun for when they do need it. That being said, there have been a lot of .243 that have killed deer also.
I would ask these questions: How are your kids now? Boys or girls? Will they ever be hunting anything other than deer? How far of a shot will they be taking? Are your kids big/mature for there age?
Kids don't stay kids for long. Good luck in your decision.
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I grew up on a .270
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both are great choices, the .243 and 7mm-08

I think the 7-08 is only gonna continue to get more popular.

The .308 is a hugely popular option if you're really worried about the 7mm08.

I think of your two choices, the 7mm08 would be more versatile than the .243, but in reality you're probably not going to use either on elk, we're talking varmints-deer size game here and either would do that job well.
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+ 1 for the .243 Win.

I have only heard great things about these great values.

For a few more bucks; I use this one.

I wish they had the stainless with a detachable box magazine..................

Great all around caliber & Cartridge !
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You can find .243 ammunition almost anywhere. While I don't think the 7-08 will "die", you still probably won't find it as often as you will .243.

If you're not hunting elk, the .243 will more than handle deer and anything below (varmints, etc.). Though I'm sure it's plenty adequate, I honestly don't see many people carrying 7mm-08s elk hunting. Even the fantastic .270 is considered by many to be "too small" for elk anymore - so, if you're thinking you're buying them a rifle that will last a lifetime, you're also banking that they don't fall victim to the marketing hype surrounding so many of these new cartridges (many of which may very well "die").

I opted for a .243 over a .308 when I had a choice at age 11. I've never regretted it. That rifle's still in my battery and has killed more prairie dogs than I can remember, not to mention a couple dozen deer and pronghorn, not counting what it's done when I've loaned it to friends to get their own kids started hunting. In college, I used it on elk (successfully) until I'd collected enough spare coin to buy a new .30-06. It promoted marksmanship over horsepower. I still have lots of other choices, but I won't carry anything BUT a .243 for pronghorn, and more often than not carry one deer hunting as well.

My vote's for the .243.
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