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Bolt-action question

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Default Bolt-action question

Hi all...I'm getting ready to buy my first bolt-action rifle and was wondering if anyone had any pointers on which brands to look at or important features I need to look for? Any insights would be much appreciated.

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Look at them all and see which one fits you the best...They all will shoot better than most guys can shoot and they can all be tweaked to hit a dime at 100 yards if one knows what he is doing...
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Welcome to the forum there is a plethora of good advice on here. Sadly your first post will probably stir the pot and you will hear a lot of opinions. Here is mine. I personally love the remington model 700 they make em in many calibers and configurations for most any types of hunting. Ive never had problems with mine and i own no other brand of bolt gun currently. Now to play devils advocate.... other brands such as ruger, sako, kimber and tikka all make damnfine rifles for what most do with em. What are you hunting? What caliber are you looking for?
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What's your budget?
What type of game do you plan to use this on immediately? down the road?

1st rifle? 1st gun ever?

Alot of options out there...

I'd probably look to a short action cartridge/rifle, save a lil weight, a lil handier rifle too.

.243win, 7mm-08, .308, .338 federal
270wsm, 300wsm

more info will help suggest a rifle or two...
Savage has been developing a reputation for cheap accurate rifles, ER shaw will basically build your the rifle you want using I think a savage action.
browning, etc...all make some nice models
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Cant go wrong w/ the remington 700SPS stainless(dont get the black one) or the browning X bolt, or the savage 112/12 accustock/accutrigger model. fondeled all these a few weeks ago and was very impressed w/all of these, especially w/ the browning and the savage. theyre all around 600$NIB. I have a remington 700 in 7-08. great caliber w/ low recoil and plenty of power for most big game. There is also alot of aftermarket parts for remington 700s if you ever what to upgrade, or trick it out.
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Got to ask the same question as Salukipv1.
Will this be your first gun ever or just your first purchase?
My rifle of choice is a Sako Model-85, but you can buy a Remington for less money than a Sako.
The most popular "do all" rifle on the market would be a Remington Model 700 chambered in 30-06.
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We were always raised on Remington and Browning Rifles growing up,Dad mostly bought Remingtons and I must say I was always partial to the Brownings because they are well made,beautiful and accurate guns.I bought my first new Rifle a few years ago and went with a Browning Hunter in a A-bolt,it is wood stock gun that is simple yet a beautiful made gun,the bolt-action is smooth and tight,easy to work and it is a very accurate gun.

Whatever Gun You choose check into how well they are made,make sure the bolt is smooth yet tight,if your going to be pretty rough on it or have it out in some pretty bad weather I would reccomend a Rifle with a composite stock,another nice gun is a Savage with the Accu-Trigger and I believe you can get the Accu-Stock if the gun has a composite stock?
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