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Mossberg shotguns good as they used to be?

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Default Mossberg shotguns good as they used to be?

I had a Mossberg 500 back in the 1980's, and it was a good piece of equipment. Don't know why I sold it.

I'm looking at a combination deer and field shotgun like the one here. I've never owned a Mossberg semi auto before, though.

Are they still made as good as they were 20+ years ago?

Thanks for any replies.
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i know a couple guys that have 500s for duck hunting,they are very big duck hunters and have many duck and goose guns.i know they do use them not a big fan of autos,its just my thing,nothing wrong with them,i even own some pretty high end ones.i can tell you my favorite turkey gun is my mossberg 835 ,its about 6 or 7 years old,it does the brunt of my bird work ,mostly turkeys and such,i also have an sp 10 rem,that cost $700 more .but the 835 gets twice the is a very solid gun.not exactly the gun you asked about ,but my 2 cents any ways.
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I have one made in the early 90's.

The newer ones have a different fore-stock design that I don't like, and they are stained a different (lighter) color. I like mine better, which is a "walnut" color.

As far as quality and mechanics go, I couldn't really say. But they are such a simple gun with just a few parts, I don't know where they could really cheapen it.
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I traded my old 500 combo pack in for this 835 combo-

This one has a fully rifled barrel/cantilever sight rail which I put a Bushnell Red Dot on.It shoots nice tight groups with most any type slug.It also has the 24" turkey tube with Ulti mag choke and adjustable fiber optic sights.The two cheek combs makes aiming quick'n easy with either.I haven't used it for deer yet but I've filled all my turkey tags since I got it 2 years ago.I think it's a helluvanice gun.I to prefer pumps but the one you're looking at should be every bit as good.I've never had a problem with this one and would recommend it to anyone.
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I have a 500 with a Modified barrel and BP barrel and a 835 Camo Combo...........

I like them!
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Im an 870 guy but I have a friend that bought a new 500 and didnt like it at all, went and traded it in a used cordoba
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I love my mossberg 535 i have the turkey and waterfowl barrels for it. Its and awsome little gun and patterns great.
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Originally Posted by bradisthebest
I love my mossberg 535 i have the turkey and waterfowl barrels for it. Its and awsome little gun and patterns great.
We had the same style 535, in the older camo. It functioned flawlessly, but rust began to bleed through the camo on both barrels. I called Mossberg customer service and was told that it had a 10 year warranty, to send it in. They replaced the entire gun. IMO that is very good customer service.
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Originally Posted by vabyrd
Worst gun I ever bought was a 500. Guess I could have used the foreend to bring a buck in as much noise as it made. I switched to 870s.
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