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Default Lefties?

Any others out there? Just curious what you guys do when it comes to the actions. My dad, although he' s a right-handed guy, has a dominant left eye, and so always shot left-handed (with a righty action). So when I came onto the hunting scene, there was no way he was going to go out of his way to get me a lefty action. I grew up with a .243 in a right-handed action, and then my current right-handed .270.

However, a month or so ago, when I was out looking at guns, the guy behind the counter saw me holding one of the rifles lefty and asked if I wanted to see a left-handed gun. I realized there was no way I was going to switch at this point in my life -- I have a strange bolt-working motion that I' ve developed over the years, and I' m sticking with it, rather than retrain myself. I don' t use my left (trigger) hand for the bolt at all -- instead, I bring my right (stock-holding) hand back, work the bolt, and go back to shooting; all while holding the gun steady with the back hand.

Anybody else learn to work a bolt wrong?
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Default RE: Lefties?

Fl....I' m a lefty, and I gun hunt with a Rem 760 Pump in .270. It' s a right handed gun with a left handed safety.

I' ve never had a problem with it.....but I' m not a fan of right handed bolt' s.

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Default RE: Lefties?

it' s really not important how the gun is functioned as long as is done safely and you' re comfortable with it. It' s one of lifes identities.....we seem to find a way to do what we want to do.
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Default RE: Lefties?

i too am a south paw. However i trained myself to shot right handed. It is cheaper and elss complicated that way. Eye dominance does not really play a role. I used to shoot lefty by having new aftermarket safetys put on right handed guns, but when it came down to buying a new anshutz for competition i bought a right handed one and shot it right handed. I ended up going to the empire state games and comming in 3rd place in the scholastic prome position. The state games are new yorks mini olympics if you will. It just takes some time to get used to the different feeling, but now i do all my shooting right handed from bird hunting to bow hunting for deer. hope this helps
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Default RE: Lefties?

Im a right hander who shoots left handed/ but with right handed rifle m because of eye problems too- seems to work ok for me too with bolt guns - never shot a left hander - dont know if i could very well lol.

But single shots, a7600rem( shot lefty) ,etc i have used some too.

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Default RE: Lefties?

Im a lefty who also uses a right hand bolt action. I have taken several doubles (two deer) using my right hand to reach back and chamber the second round. Doesn' t seem to slow me down a bit. Tried a left hand rifle once. Didn' t feel very comfortable.
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Default RE: Lefties?

I am also left handed and started out with a 760 in .308 and a 7600 in .30-06, just switched the safeties to left handed. Recently I got my first left handed bolt action gun. A Tikka Whitetail Hunter in .308. When I show my friends they all say the same thing " The bolt is on the wrong side, I tell them it' s on the correct side!. I wouldn' t trade it for the world.
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Default RE: Lefties?

I began the changeover last year, going from right handed to left handed because of my left dominant eye.

Working the bolt action as you' ve learned to do was very difficult for me, so I didn' t bother going any further. I returned to shooting righty by closing my left dominant eye and shooting.

Last year, I figured I' d try a left handed gun - it was awkward at first, but I got used to it with daily practice working the action and now feel quite comfortable shooting either left or right handed. The fact that for a number of years prior to this I' ve shot shotguns lefty helped.
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Default RE: Lefties?

I am also a lefty. I have both a left and a right handed model 700. I dont have a problem with the action but one problem I do have with the right handed stock is eye allignment with the scope. When I throw it up for a fast shot, it is not in good allignment like the left handed gun. They are I dentical guns so I beleive it is the style of stock ( monte carlo I think) that puts me out of allignment. Just something to thing about when you are shouldering some rifles.
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Default RE: Lefties?

Another southpaw here, my dad tried to curve me of my left handed shooting but I shot better so he said go with it!! I too do almost everything right handed, the only exception is shooting (Guns or Bow) and fishing. Most of my shooting life I have shot right handed actions until 7 years ago. I got very good at working the bolt on right handed gun, but since I have gone left I will never go back. I admit the cost, models, etc is a pet peeve of mine but it feels more comfortable, better sight window and my accuracy has increased with the proper action. I still own several right handed guns, some of which I use frequently(Shotguns, 22 LR' s & ML) but I now have 3 CF' s all in lefty models and pick them over their right handed counter parts. To me feel is the most important factor b/c with it comes confidence and accuracy is sure to follow. I found it to be very easy to adapt and more natural in fact.

I wish they(manufacturer' s) wouldn' t hose(price) us for being left and limit the offerings. It forces us to adapt or try and change what feels natural[:' (][:@]!!!
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