Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Whch factory does your rifle shoot best.

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My Savage 110 308 doesn't care everything I feed it goes 2" or less even the nato service mil surp. My 110 30-06' I guess 200 rn Winchesters 8" was the best factory group ever . 150 spbt Hornady in LC43 over 4350 puts 5 just showing around a quarter .
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Both of my hunting guns (.308 & 7MM RM) love Core-Locts!
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my .243 likes 58 gr hornady vmax alot
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Savage M110 7mmRM...Winchester 150 grain BST (0.5") and Federal 160 grain NP (0.75").

Savage M116 270 Winchester...Federal 130 grain Hi-shok (1") and Winchester 130 grain Silvertips (1.25")

Remington 742 .30-06...Remington 180 grain PSP-CL (1.5")
Remington 7400 .270 Winchester...all are around 2" (have not found a really accurate round yet)
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7mm mag loves the 140 core lokt
44 mag love 240 grain rem ammo
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Factory ammo-7x57 shot best with Rem 175gr and .280 with Fed 150gr.Both are Ruger bolt guns.
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Federal 180 grain ballistic tip boat tails shoot .25 MOA groups from my Weatherby Vanguard in .300 WBY magnum ( and it is not a sub-MOA model) but Federal, for some reason, discontinued this load about two years ago so I am carefully hoarding my last three boxes that I bought for $22 a box on a clearance sale from MidwayUSA when Federal stopped making this loading.
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My M77 in .308 loves Winchester Powermax. Sub .75 MOA at 100 yards. Thats my new fav deer ammo

It likes 180gr Woodleigh Weldcores (Federal), but they're out of production now so im gonna have to find something else for moose.
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Model 70 26-06...115 gr. Winchester Ballistic Silvertips. Used to shoot 117 gr. Hornady SST's but they didn't seem to group as well as the Winchester's.

Model 70 .243...95 gr. Hornady SST

Model 70 Coyote .223 WSSM...55 gr. Winchester Ballistic Silvertips

Sub MOA groups @ 100 yards on all 3.

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The M700 270 I have will shoot anything good with the exception of 150 gr Speers. I prefer to use plain ol blue box Federal 130's in it because those bullets are absolutely dynomite on deer.

The M700 7-08 I carry a lot prefers Prvi Partizan... the cheap Serbian stuff. I get some obscene groups with it and it hammers deer just fine also.

I dont really have a gun I cant get anything to group well in. The closest thing I have to a turd is a Vanguard 7mm. I havent found anything to go under 2 inches in it but everything is right around 2 inches so it would be fine to hunt with.
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