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7-08 vs 308

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Off-the-shelf 308 ammo is alot less $$$$$$$
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.308 is a very accurate load and will work well on all North American Big Game given proper shot placement. That said the 7mm-08 was made for deer hunting. It is a pure deer cartridge. It has great accuracy and has a devastating effect on deer sized game. Both will work wonders for you.
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Originally Posted by Hunting the North View Post
Off-the-shelf 308 ammo is alot less $$$$$$$
I hear people make this claim all the time, so I decided to check since the majority of people on here are reloaders.

Fed Fusions
7mm-08 $27.99
308win $24.99

Remington Corjunk
7mm-08 $26.99
308win $18.99

Winchester Sepremes
7mm-08 $29.69
308win $27.99

I started this off, thinking, it was a bunch of crap, but learned I guess its somewhat true. Not be A LOT but noticable. Glad I reload.
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.308, cheaper ammo.

The cartridge sizes themselves are almost identical though.

Same length and width.
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Aside from the diameter of the case neck the cases are absolutely identical. The 7mm-08 is nothing more than a .308 Winchester necked down to accept .284" bullets with no other changes. Same can be said about the .243, 260, 338 Federal, and 358 Winchester

What one can do so can the other. The differences are so minuscule between the two it almost isn't worth mentioning.

If you hand load you can get either cartridge to do what ever you want it to do with mild enough recoil that nearly any one would be able to shoot either one.

Both make fantastic cartridges to take everything from coyotes to moose. The 7mm-08 isn't a purely deer cartridge. Those that say this have likely never been out of the deer woods to hunt any thing other than deer or have never owned or shot a 7mm-08.

When comparing factory ammo loaded with the same bullets (140NBT and 150NBT) The differences in down range energy, wind drift, and trajectory are so very very close it absolutely does not matter.

At 500 yards with a 200 yard zero from Federals published data the...

7mm-08 retains 1164 foot pounds of Ke, drifts 19.1 inches and drops 44.5 inches
308 Win retains 1156 foot pounds of Ke, drifts 21.5 inches and drops 45.8 inches.

The only real advantage goes to the .308 with cost and availability of factory ammunition. Of course, if you reload this advantage is moot.
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Originally Posted by bigcountry View Post
You better keep that your little secret because no-one else knows it.

I load anywhere from 100 to 120, to 140, to 160, to 168, to even 175gr in .284".
Dont forget the ol 154grainer hornadys. Thats what I use, does a great job. some say its too heavy for the 708 but I think its a great match for the 08 case. the sectional density and BC are almost identical to a .308 180spitzer or a 140 grain .264. also dosnt kick or take up too much case capcity. I canstill fit 48grains of h4350 w/ room to spare.
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What everyone has said is correct. The deer will never know which one you hit him with with proper shot placement. I have used and love the hornady SST in 7mm-08. If you ever might be using the gun for bigger game such as elk then you might want the 3006. Other than that just find the rifle you like and learn how to shoot it well.
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The "Energy in Foot Pounds", wind drift and long range bullet drop in the ballistics charts are so close, it is not worth mentioning. (140gr on the 7mm & 150 gr on the .308) Either is the recoil energy.
I can tell you that I have shot and killed elk with the 7mm-08. So yes, it will work. She only went 40 some yards.
But that is all about compfort with a gun and bullet type and shot placement.
So for me, the differences comes down to ammo. I don't roll my own and need to know I can go anywhere and get ammo.
If that becomes your criteria, then the .308 is your choice, I had a hard time fiinding suitable ammo locally.

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I have rifles in both 7-08 and 308. I have shot 3 elk with the 7-08 and none went more than 30 yards or needed a second shot. I have killed a pile of deer with both calibers and never noticed a difference in performance. I reload and just prefer the 7mm bullets hence my choice to use that for elk. If you don't reload you will probably have better ammo selection in 308 as others have stated. In my opinion though, there really is not much real world difference between the two.
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I agree with pretty much everyone elses consensus. Both are nearly identical.

Advantages for 7mm-08 -

Slightly less recoil, very tiny bit of a flatter trajectory

Advantages for 308 -

Huge selection of factory ammo and it is cheaper than pretty much any other big game ammo, even if you handload, the .30 caliber has the largest selection of bullets to choose from

For me, I choose the .308, I have 3 rifles chambered in it and I dearly love them all. The availability of ammo is the deciding factor for me. Most people that I know that use the 7mm-08, all handload for it.
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