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270 bullets

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Default 270 bullets

270 bullets ok I just got back into centerfire rifles after 15 years .I shot my first deer at 50 yards on the point of the shoulder hammered both shoulders and the bullet shattered .I was shooting 130 grain remington corloct ammo.I know this is short range for a rifle and my longest shots will be under 100 yards on my home property.But i do hunt some larger farms and fields.What i am looking for is a bullet that works on 150-200 lbs deer at short to moderate ranges 50-200 yards,thats accurate that wont come apart at short ranges such as ballistic tips and corlocts.One more problem ... i dont reload but i think i will start soon.
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Jump up to 150gr and aim for the ribs.
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at 50 yards oughta jump down to a target bullet at a lower grain.100? and my daughter use a 223 with a 55 gr mc from remi (target bullet if you will) on a 15 acre plot that we get 10 acres to hunt on..longest shot bein 113 yards, but so far never longer than 97yrds.and most less than 50!!.took 4 deer thurs and friday .....3 dropped in their tracks and 1 ran about 100yards+/- leaving a painted trail that my 11 year old daughter found and tracked all the way to the deer!!!!

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Aim behind the shoulder
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Hornady customs have always work EXCELLENT for me, I hand load for some of my other guns, but in my Ruger 270 the hornadys are as accurat as I can get. they are a little more than the normal shells but are WELL worth the price. I have used them on everything from cyote to moose.
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If your a pin shooter jumping up in grain size and bullet construction will help some. Though bare in mind anytime you smash bone you will have damage, so the obvious solution is slide the crosshair back a touch to save shoulder meat and punch ribs instead.

0-200yards to me says no need for the polymer tip, boattail, etc bullets designed for longer range. I say stick with a flat base bullet; be it a standard cup in core like a hornady interlock or a premium such as a nosler partition.

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