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best dove hunting gun?

Old 05-09-2009, 08:35 PM
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Default best dove hunting gun?

it suddenly dawned on me that dove season is only a little under 4 months away!!! my current shotgunis the legendary 870 express in 20 gauge. I now feel the urge to obtain a little more firepower and go with a 12 gauge. I would like either a semi or over/under in the $500-$700 price range. What is my best bet and what is everyones opinion? I held a weatherby today which i believe was 600, not sure what model. All opinions are appreciated...
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

beretta 390 or 391.
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

I prefer a light 20-ga, 3", SxS double with 26" barrels and choked IC & Modified............
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

Go for a Remington 1100/1187, they are hard to beat. Do you have to pick up your shells where you hunt? If so, its a little harder with an auto, so a O/U might be a better option...
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

Check out the Stoeger 2000. It features the exact same inertia system as Benelli, accepts Benelli choke tubes, comes with fiber optic front bead,vent rib, and 5 choke tubes. I have 1 and it shoots incredibly good for a shotgun selling for only 400$!
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

picking the shells up is not a big deal for me. i have heard good things about both the 1187 and the stoeger 2000. will def check those out.
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

It is tough to give a good dove gun recommendation until you give additional information on how and where you hunt. There area lot of different ways they can be hunted. For instance what Jeep said. Picking up hulls in a high volume field is a pain in the butt, but no big deal in a low volume open area where singles are the norm.

Discuss more about the way you hunt, then recommendztions can be more spot on.

For instance it is pretty tough to shoot a triple from a double barrel. However a stack barrel works great where I hunt because most of our shots are singles at longer distances. And we always hunt in tall grass-so if you want to save your hulls then saving them in tall grass is almost impossible. However I have shot over short fields where a long barreled double was the wrong shotgun with the high volume, fast shooting that was available. A low recoiling gas operated semi. was the shotgun of choice in that field. Tom.
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

i hunt in central to south texas. the areas are usually fields, with me sitting on the treeline. picking the shells up is not a concern of mine. i want the best gun for my money. it has to be reliable, and fast. I will get flocks of all numbers. from 1 bird to 50 sometimes. I would have to say the average is 2-3
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

I used to use an 1100 and liked it, until I bought a Browning B-80...It's the same as a Baretta A302 and A303...If you can find one of these on the used market you are set...

After that, I'd look at the Browning Gold...
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Default RE: best dove hunting gun?

I know it is not a semi or a double, but the Ithaca 37 is hands down the best bird gun out there.
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Quick Reply: best dove hunting gun?

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