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Default 308

ballistically good bad ????????
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Default RE: 308

The ballistics on a 308 are very solid 2625 foot-pounds at muzzle - 1000 foot-pounds at 600 yards.

This is the same caliber that millitary snipers use because, of its solid down range performance. My brother is an army ranger and he uses a Remington M24A2 .308 caliber sniper rifle with a leopold Mark 4 scope that can place 3 inch groups at 500 yards easy.

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Default RE: 308

Basically the same as 30-06...
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Default RE: 308

Ex-Marine here ! I was trained with the M-14, which is a 308. We were shooting at 500 Yards! NO PROBLAMO !!!!

(Except for the Bad Guys !)


P.S. a 30.06 is longer with more powder !!!!!
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Default RE: 308

without creating WWIII, can someone really tell me the difference between 308 and 06 as far as a hunting gun is concerned. I realize the 308 is preferred by snipers, tactical shooters-- but put as simply as possible, is there a real difference. Some of theballistics I've seen show the 06 w less drop and windriftat 200-300 yds, with more energy.. w 150 gr. Is that correct?thanks
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Default RE: 308

a 30 06 will carry a heavier bullet better than a .308. so if you want to shoot a 180 grain bullet or bigger than go for a 06. To me the perfect bullet for 308 is a 150 gr. bullet for an 06 the 165 gr. is the perfect weight
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