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Default Remington model 788 6mm

Looking for a Remington model 788 I believe it is in the 6mm, would be willing to trade or buy out right. The only rifle I have at this to trade is a Winchester model 670a in the 30.06 cal, with a Banner scope. Let me know Thanks
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Remington model 788 6mm

The 788 was made in several other calibers 22-250,6mm,7mm-08,308 and 44 mag to say a few.I know where there is a 6mm,but it is my daughters and she will not part with it(and neither will I).
Great guns.
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Remington model 788 6mm

I have owned several Remmy 788's. all shot very well.
Why are you set on a 788?? To me they always seemed like a rifle that Remington was trying to produce cheeply, the magazine is kind of tinny, the stock is plain, the bolt has the lugs at the rear which is far from the strongest way of locking a bolt into the action.
I know... they shoot well but so do many newer guns which can be readily found at the same or a better price
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Remington model 788 6mm

I have a few 788's but not in 6mm remington. I do havetwo of my five 788's in 243. One is a beautifully done carbine and the other is the rifle version. Both are in excellent condition and yes they are shooters as all 788's I have ever owned are.

If you send me your E-mail address I can send more pictures if you are interested.

Picture of Custom carbine $500

Rifle version $400

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Default RE: Remington model 788 6mm

Sparky357,Is the Remmie .243 carbine for sale? If it is would yuo please let me know .Probally would be better to P.M. me as my out look express is screwed up right now.Thanks.........Alton
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Default RE: Remington model 788 6mm

788 is probly to me the most awesome rifle ever built but thats my opion.... i own several, 243, 22-250,308,7mm-08 and yes the one your speaking of my favorite the 6mm...i just bought another 6mm for my oldest boy....ive hunted with my 6mm since the first day i ever hunted and sorry to say couldnt get rid of any of them but at local gun shows they usally have a few of the 788 u just got to look thu them and find the one you want.... check the bolt where the handle connects to bolt to make sure theres no cracks cause they are famous for it and also check extractor for exsessive wear....
bigger in texas
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