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Default Pillar Bed or Full Bed Block?

I have decided to install my M70 action/barrel into a Hogue Overmolded stock. They have two available. One with pillar bedding and one with a full bedding block. This will be a hunting rifle only. I'm leaning towards the pillar bedded stock because of the lower cost and weight but if the full bedded stock would offer a signifiant improvement in accuracy, I will go with that one.

Has anyone used the overmolded stocks? Would the full bedding block be a better choice or a waste for a hunting rifle?

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Default RE: Pillar Bed or Full Bed Block?

Both would have to be glass bedded anyway with pillars or with blocks and that is a tough material for epoxy to stick to..Did you look at a B&C stock for that gun if you don't want to spend Mcmillan money on it?
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Default RE: Pillar Bed or Full Bed Block?

ive handled both and there is no significant increase in weight. to be honest, i couldnt tell a difference in weight at all. However, I would always go with a bedding block over pillars just for trhe sake of have a one piece mounting system. Mounting toa single solidpiece is always more stable than mounting something to two less solid/stable pieces.
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Default RE: Pillar Bed or Full Bed Block?

Per synthetics...I've had zero qualms spending McMillan money andhaving hadyet to spend New McMillan money...bedding only, with Marine Tex.

Pillars fend compression....bedding blocks add weight and little else a good bedding job wouldn't offer...

McMillans don't compress, nor would benifit from added weight.

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Default RE: Pillar Bed or Full Bed Block?

By all means should you go with the full length bedding block.
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Default RE: Pillar Bed or Full Bed Block?

ORIGINAL: stalkingbear

By all means should you go with the full length bedding block.
Niel, how the heck are ya?

If you go with the hogue, go with the full beddeding block just because hogue can flex and you need the support with it.. Just don't go cheap and try to not glass bed it in the process. I have tried several times to go check with HS with full bedding block, and would get changing POI sometimes. But aftering glass bedding, all is ok. And have to go with the rest of the crowd. If going with mcmillian just pillerbed and then glassbed. Alot will say its overkill, but you know its bedded as best as it can be.
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