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thoughts on 7mm ultramag

Old 02-19-2003, 07:08 PM
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Default thoughts on 7mm ultramag

jusy curious what everyone thought of the 7mm ultramag? I have one and don' t really hear much about them
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

I have a 7mmultramag,two 7mmstw' s and two 300ultramags.I prefer the 7mmstw' s as the 7mm ultramag gains very little velocity for all the extra powder you have to burn.The ultra mag case is more suited to the 308 and larger bores.I do however find that the 7mm bullet driven at stw or ultra velocities is my favorite for deer,sheep or pronghorn.
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

Severely overbore and loud come to mind
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

I hate to say this, but I think the 7mm RUM is a waste of powder it is too much of an over bore. The 7mm STW' s case is about max. size for the 7mm bullet. Burning all that extra powder in the 7mm RUM does not justify it' s velocity over the STW. I am looking at this from a handloaders perspective. Good luck.
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

for my applications i would never need one since my shots are well under 100yds.

but if i could handle the recoil and i lived out west i might have one. but there are other calibers i would look at first.
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

Come on guys. don' t order the oversized frys at McDonalds so you can use the extra 10gr-20gr of powder for a Ultra. Guys this is your hobby. Your passion. You going to nickle and dime it worrying about being able to load 6 more bullets. Extra powder cost is never in the equation for me. I mean I spend I bet $40/lb for the meat I drag in from the field. Don' t do it just for that. Its my passion. I mean is it really worth the extra 35gr of powder to shoot a STW, than a 7mm-08. This silly argument could go on and on. Shoot I don' t got either, but want all three, 7mm-08, 7mmSTW, and the RUM. While wishing might as well throw a 7mmRem Mag in there too. I want them all.
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

What everyone has said is true, over boar, kicks, load and and and and I want one.[:-]
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

Bravo BigCountry. Well spoken.
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

Here Here Big Country. Overbore arguments are overrated and overblown. By this logic the 22/250 is overbored with 40 gr bullets. The 243 is too with 70 gr bullets all 17 centerfires obviously are too and we could go on and on. My Big 7 thunders sweet little holes all day long grouping 150 gr Sciroccos about the size of a quarter. I installed a JP recoil eliminator and can shoot until bored or sundown whichever comes first. How does a point blank range for an 8" kill zone past 360 yards sound?!! Powder efficiency never attracted me to handloading. I just dump in what the manual says on all my cartridges and shoot them. Who cares about noise either. I' m serious. At the range you' ll wear protection and in the field the shooting of game distracts you like an elixer. I' ve shot plenty of coyotes and a few deer and never really remember thinking about the report. All I remember was wanting to see the game fall. And they always do.

Forget about the detractors they' re the same ones who 50 years ago beat down the fine 264 Win Mag but that' s also one heck of a flat shooter too. Modern steel metallurgy has solved much of the throat problems in the 264 and the RUM' s if you shoot slow volleys. Yessir my 7RUM' s great and all this nit picking started when someone decades ago necked down the 30/06 to 27 and 25 caliber so what' s new.
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Default RE: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

I purchased one of the Remington RMEF guns just before Christmas, but haven' t had a chance to shoot it yet. I intend to handload the 150 grain Sciroccos so I' m glad to hear soonershooter is having such good luck with them. What is your pet load?
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Quick Reply: thoughts on 7mm ultramag

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