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9mm Lorcin

Old 01-14-2008, 01:29 PM
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Default 9mm Lorcin

My brother in law bought one of these used at a pawn shop. We went out to the range to see how it shoots and we were rather confused. When fired into paper at about 20 feet, there was a perfect imprint of the bullet, but it was sideways. Almost like it tumbled when it came out of the barrel. We were using Winchester 115 gr. hollowpoints, and also tried 124 gr. FMJs. Same thing with both bullets. Can anyone explain what is going on?? I have never seen this before or even heard of it.
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Default RE: 9mm Lorcin

To be blunt, the Lorcin is a pile of junk. I've fired other cheap pistols like Lorcins, Jennings, Davis, etc. that wouldn't stablize bullets properly. Because the bullet is coming out of the barrel without having a proper spin, it's very unstable in flight and is actually wobbeling as it flies through the air. Wobbeling bullets can be caused by oversize bores or improper rates of rifling twist.
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Default RE: 9mm Lorcin

I kinda figured it was junk, since he payed around $100 for it. Ive just never seen a bullet tumble like that before. I wonder if there is a way to make it shoot any better, like a new barrel or if its better just to get rid of it and let someone else deal with it?
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Default RE: 9mm Lorcin

You'll be lucky to get much of anything for it but it's worth taking the loss. Chalk it up to experience in that it pays to do some homework before you buy.
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Default RE: 9mm Lorcin

I cut one up with a torch in self defense.Buddy of mine had one that needed cleaning when I put it back together he was holding it ,racked one into the chamber,No finger on trigger Bam shot through the wall at his shop.went and got him a cheap wheel gun ,At least it wont shoot unless you pull the trigger.
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