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Winchester Dynapoints
Remington Thunderbolts
Winchester X-Perts
Federal Champion 510 (Old Lightnings)
Federal Champion 740, valuepacks
CCI Blazers
Winchester Wildcats
Remington Golden Bullets
Other cheap bulk, please say which
I only shoot the more expensive stuff
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

I like Remington Golden Bullets, they shoot well out of the Marlin semi-autowe shoot, and it's just like $5.00 a 500 round brick, not bad at all, cheaper than firecrackers.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

I have a custom barrel on my rebuilt 77/22. So I only shoot the high ticket crap. My bullets have to be all lead. There are still a few bulk .22 with all lead bullets....but I just stick with what shoots well. I acctually like CB Longs about as much as anything. Shooting those at 150 yards is like shooting a .308 at 800 yards. Only cheaper.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

American Eagle by Federal. Not the best ammo, but a 400 round brick is about $12. Plenty of summer fun there.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?


It's not cheap, but have any of you tried the Aguila 60gr sub-sonic. They're super quiet out of my 39A. and they hit like a ton of bricks.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

I shoot X-Perts because that's what the store has, and they're somewhat cheap
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

So far the most accurate out of my P22 have been the remington brick. I tried the Winchester Expert Hollowpoints on Sunday, and i shot my best group ever. 10 shots in a 1.5 inch group at 23-25 feet. But it seemed like the failed to cycle the action a little more often than some of the other brands i have shot through it. I think my 10-22 will feed just about anything. The only time it ever gave me a hard time was when i tried to shoot some 2 year old bullets that had bounced around loose in a tupperware container.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

Winchester T-22 target.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

ORIGINAL: younggun308

I like Remington Golden Bullets, they shoot well out of the Marlin semi-autowe shoot, and it's just like $5.00 a 500 round brick, not bad at all, cheaper than firecrackers.
Ours are about 8$ a brick and they work well for target shooting.We can shoot aspirins all day long with them out to 40 yrds easy.
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Default RE: Which Bulk .22 ammo?

Had two seperate bad cases [5000rd] Win.Wildcats and one case of Experts .Sprayed lead all over like a shotgun.Aguila's were accurate when they fired sometimes 10 or more out of 50 were duds.I prefer either Rem Thunderbolts or Fed and won't buy either Aguilas ,Experts or Wildcats ever again...............Harold
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