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375 H&H

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Default 375 H&H

Is the 375 H&H the most underrated North American caliber? To wit:

"The beauty of the .375 H&H is simple: you can take every animal on earth with the caliber without ever being over- and only rarely undergunned." -- Peter Hathaway Capstick

"[I]f I could have two cartridges to hunt the world, I'd be quite happy with the .30-06 and the .375 H&H. And if I could have just one cartridge to hunt the world over, my only answer is the .375." -- Craig Boddington

"As much as I like the .375, I have never seen much use for it in North America, except for hunting the big Alaskan brown bear. However, if anyone wants to use it on elk, moose or grizzly, I am not going to take exception. It is a hard-hitting, flat-shooting cartridge, for which I have scored a higher percentage of one-shot, in-the-tracks kills on medium to large soft-skinned game than with any other cartridge." -- Jack O'Connor

But the queen of the medium bores is the .375 H&H Magnum, one of the world's most useful and widely distributed cartridges, and probably the best all-around cartridge ever devised." -- Jack O'Connor

"The caliber .375 H&H Magnum is....a wonderful cartidge for use on elk, moose, bear, or the heavy artic game. In a factory make rifle and load, the .375 H&H Magnum in the Model 70 Winchester, Model 700 Remington, the
Browing, Sako, etc., is one of the finest all around rifles and cartridges." -- Elmer Keith

Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up. The rifle has even better performance with the new slow burning powder and high BC bullets. Your thoughts appreciated. Regards, Rick.

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Default RE: 375 H&H

I don't see any problems with those statements and absolutely nothing wrongwith the .375 I had thought of getting a .375 H&H, but went with the .416 Rem instead. Factory loads for the Rem are pretty much limited to 400gr, but handloading you can go down to 300gr with the Barnes X, which to me makes it the perfect elk cartridge.

Good luck,
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Default RE: 375 H&H

It is probably under rated but maybe not under used. There really is not much Game in NA that requres the kind of power and recoil mustered up by the 375. While it can be used for any NA game, most would consider it over kill thus it never really takes off for hunting here. No doubt that if you could only have one rifle, It would sure have to be considered. JMO
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Default RE: 375 H&H

I've never been a big fan of the 375 H&H, too heavy of guns with too much recoil...

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Default RE: 375 H&H

The .375 is nice but not really needed here in NA.
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Default RE: 375 H&H

The .375 H&H is used in North America, but I would NOT call it a "North American" caliber. It was specifically developed for use in Africa, where it gained a fine reputation, and only later applied to select game animals in NA, such as the great bears. It is excellent for those too, but is OVERKILL on every other animal in NA! But, that does jnot mean it can't be used, and actually, a .375 H&H with a tough 270 or 300-grain bullet will ruin less venison than a .270, if you decide to use it for deer and elk, etc.

I am not aware of it being UNDER-RATED for any use anywhere.

BTW, the .375 H&H can be considered a "medium size" case for that large a bore size. It is NOT too well suited for use with the new slow powders, it doesn't hold enough of them. IMR 4350 and WW760/H414 are about the slowest powders you can use efficiently in the .375 H&H, and IMR 4064 (and any other powder with a burning rate close to this) has about the best burning rate for it.
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Default RE: 375 H&H

Hello El D. You are right on except it is underrated. 4064 sings a pretty tune in the 375H&H. The kick isn't that bad least in my Sako. The 375 H&H is an all time classic IMHO. Regards, Rick.
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Default RE: 375 H&H

I have a Remington 700 in .375 that has had the original wood replaced with a Six Enteprises stock.

I don't think the recoil is that bad, and it is nice to have, just in case the wife ever lets me go up to Alaska or to Africa. You can load it down and use it on deer with good effect as well, although it is a backup behind my .270 for that job.
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