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Default SCOPES

whats the rule on scopes....if i buy a savage 116fxp3 what scope should i buy.....i want to buy around a 4-16x50 ish scope ...any suggestions??? varmit and deer huntering in NY...Opinions plz?
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Default RE: SCOPES

Well that's one of the savage packages so it's already got a scope mounted and boresighted. If you're to buy another scope for the gun, why buy the package?
Anyways, I think a 4-16X-50 is just a we bit overkill for most hunting scenarios. You're gonna have a huge objective lens so it's gonna sit up high first of all. not always a comfortable positioning. Secomnd, the 16x is also a bit more than I'd think one would need for a typical deer rfle. Bigger isn't neccessarily better.
I'd opt for a decent Burris ifI wanted a really good scope or for a regualr ol' hunting rifle maybe one of the higher grade Simmons scopes. Either way I'd go with a 3-9x40 at the most.
Of course I'd opt for a deer rifle and a varmint rilfe being two completely seperate rifles all together and set up each accordingly.
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Default RE: SCOPES

Hello SE. For my money, the Burris BPlex 3x9, Zeiss Conquest 3x9 and Bushnell 3X9 with the lighted reticle are terrific. Get yourself some good binos and forget the 50mm jobs.....too heavy and they sit up too high. JM .02$ worth. Regards, Rick.
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Default RE: SCOPES has a killer sale on Nikon Monarch's right now !! Picked up a 6x42 for my son's .223 last week and it is very close to being as bright as my Swarovski PV or Ziess Diavari !! The recticle is a lot harder to see than the other scopesin severe low light.....but the brightness and clarity is really not that much worse at all !! The Nikon was only $188 compared to the $1000 I paid for each of the others(and the Swarovski was a display model) !!

I have had2 Burris's and would buy a Nikon Monarch UCC any day over one !! My buddy has a Bushnell 3200 IR and I would rather have a Monarch !! Just my .02$ from my recent experinces !!!
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Default RE: SCOPES

Watch the scope bases, Savage's have 2 different styles. Older models used round fore and aft bases where the newer has one that's flat. So pick carefully when shopping or that bargain/close-out price won't be such a bargain.

I just started using Nikon ProStaff BDC 3x9-40mm myself. Nice scopes for the money, $125-$150, pretty crisp and clear. The 4x16-50mm is a bit of overkill on a deer rifle but woulddo wellon a varminter's rig for smaller targets/longer distances. So it should be fine for your dual purpose, I suppose. What caliber you thinking on?

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Default RE: SCOPES

I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x 40mm. on my 6.5X55 and a Leaupold VX1 3-9x 40mm on my Browning B78 singlr shot 30-06. They both are great scopes. Very clear and hold zero very well. I paid right at 200 for each of these. It's hard to find a better value than that. You might consider looking at them. The Bushnell has Rainguard but I think the Leaupold has a slight edge in clarity and light transmission when it is near dark.
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Default RE: SCOPES

My first suggestion is to go with 40mm objective lens instead of 50mm lens. With huge objective lens,you have to mount them too high to be able to obtain good fit and cheek weld.
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Default RE: SCOPES

The Nikon Monarchs are hard to beat from SWFA at that price. They were good scopes when they were being sold for $299 but they are a steal at $218. Something else to look at when changing scopes is to upgrade your bases and rings on the Savagepackage deal. I had a model 16FXP3 package and the scope bases and rings were aluminum. I changed over to solid steel Leupold bases and rings.
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Default RE: SCOPES

i want to buy around a 4-16x50 ish scope ...any suggestions???
The Swarovski 4x16x50 PH would make a great addition atop your Savage. It has a 30mm tube and might offer you greater windage and elavation adjustments for longer ranges.The only down side is their cost.
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Default RE: SCOPES

I'm using a Bushnell Elite 3200 5-15x 40mm scope on my 22-250 and am very happy. Higher power doesn't mean everything. This one at 15x is much clearer than the Simmons 6-18x 44mm that it replaced. A good quality is most important. I paid 300 for the bushnell and am very pleased.
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