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looking to get into deer hunting,what would be a good gun to start with looking for good all around gun for whitetail deer!brand and caliber?
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There are many good guns available in .308 cartridge. What you get should depend on the way it feels and your budget. Savage, Tikka, Browning...and many more. Tikka T3 and Browing BLR are decent respective choices, but there are many more.
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Default RE: new?

Savage package rifle in 30-06.
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I would just go into a good size sporting goods/gun store and handle some different rifles and see what feels good to you. I would pick a 25-06, 260, 6.5x55, 270, 280 7mm-08 or 308. Any one of those would make an excellent deer rifle. I quess the 270 and 7mm-08 would be my first picks but any would be very good. I think the SPS Remington would be my rifle choice but Savage, Ruger Tikka and Remington may offer the best dollar value. Also the Weatherby Vanguard. Good Hunting and Welcome to the site.
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What kind of deer hunting do you plan to do (tree stand, stalk, still hunt) and what are the laws as to whats a legal firearm? Whats your age, and your build? Some younger, small built people can't handle full size harder recoiling guns. As far as rifle calibers go it's mighty hard to beat a 7mm-08. It can be had in a youth size rifle all the way up to a full size one. It's light of recoil and great to start out with. Many very experienced hunters use it regularly because it's absolutely deadly on deer. Not a bad elk caliber either. Go to your local gun shop and check out all the different rifles. You'll find one that just feels and looks better than the others. All the major gunmakers make very good rifles. When you find that rifle thats right for you then you see what calibers it comes in and pick the best one for you.
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.270 Win. would be my choice. Good luck.
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Tikka or Remington. 243, 270, 308, or30-06.

My opinion is that Tikka is the best rifle on the market today.
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Not trying to be a smart A$$,But check out JAGMAGMAN's post on good commom sense .You should get a pretty good idea how and what to start with.
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