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marlin 30-30

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Default marlin 30-30

i was visiting the grandparents this past weekend and we decided to do a little bit of shooting an gramp said he had something for me to try. so of coursei said sure and he brought out an old lever action 30-30. it was a revelation lever action 30-30 put out by western auto supply quite some time ago. he had nearly forgotten he had it. said he took it on a deer trip out to the bottom of devils tower back in the 70's and gave it to the host and his wife out there. well the man just died back in august and the wife being 93 herself decided to move into town. so as it goes she was going through stuff and came across that old 30-30. so she mailed it back to him with the picture from that years deer hunt. so loaded her up and shot a bit. i had shot minimul lever actiions beforebut never really got to "test" one. this gun amazed me. iron sights at 50yrds. first 6 shots in the bullseye. i thought this cant be right, went out to 75 missed wide right with one but 5 still in. ok well the real topic of this post. has anyone used the marlin 336c? i was looking and comparing and the 2 guns are nearly identical. any info pro or con is great. thanks.
p.s. that old picture is now hanging above my bed in an old hand made walnut frame made by gramp out of the tree from the old farm when he was 9.
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

good firearm,nice handleing and easy to shoot.Good for thick woods or brush.Many of deer still harvest by them every year.
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

i use a marlin 30-30 for deer hunting every year. i like to hunt in thickeer spots during rifle season and it has worked out well for the past 11 years. go for it. a gun is only good if you use it and make memories with it.
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

I read over on the Marlin owners forum, and you would be surprised what people shoot with a 30/30. I have talked to guys shooting moose and elk with their Marlin 30/30's. I, like most people, think of the 30/30 as a "brush caliber", true, but with the new Leverevolutions, 200 yard shots are not a problem either. I have a safe full of guns in various calibers and configurations, but I have gone back to shooting my 1983 Marlin 336T as my primary deer gun.

I would take your Gramps' old Marlin and fill the freezer. It will do the job.
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

ORIGINAL: just curious

i use a marlin 30-30 for deer hunting every year. i like to hunt in thickeer spots during rifle season and it has worked out well for the past 11 years. go for it. a gun is only good if you use it and make memories with it.
Yes I couldn't agree more, some of my best memories were shared with a gun.
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

You will be surprised the groups you can shoot with a marlin lever action. I have 3 of them a 30-30, .35 Remington, and a .450 Marlin. I would not hesitate to take any of them hunting with me.
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

Like many on here, I have a safe full of rifles and shotguns and once in awhile according to where I'm going tp be hunting, I'll grab one of my .30-30's. I have a Win. .30-30 "Ranger" which I bought NIB from the 50's era from an old lady that my wife knew. I also have a Marlin 336T which I bought New at K-Mart before they quit selling guns. Haven't tried the New ammo yet!!
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

whats not to like about the marlin lever guns!?!? aside from the crossbolt safety that the lawyers put on them..... but that can be overlooked. My 1895G is as fine a shooting gun as any i have. A matter of's the only one that i have that i was able to shoot offhand accuratly! I just points naturally for me!
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

My buddy has one he got from his grandfather (revelations I think) and as I don't recomend doing this for satfey reasons we hand loaded some 30-30 rounds tipped with Hornandy SST's,got the seating depthand yes we shot them one at a time accept when he was deer hunting he loaded two flatties the chamberedone SST. I couldn't believe how well it did out to 200 yards loaded a little hot. It actually shot(as much as i hate to admit it) better than my Ruger 338 out ofthe box before i did the extra stuff to it. That year he took a deer at 180 yards and it did a good job to boot!
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Default RE: marlin 30-30

I agree with what everyone has said. The 30-30 is a legendary classic rifle. There is just something about a lever gun... It can't be explained... Once you shoot a lever gun, you just fall in love with it...

I love my Marlin 30AS 30-30. It is perfect in the heavy woods and thickets here in Virginia. There is some kind of "vibe factor" to it, where you feel like you are part of a long line of hunters who have used the 30-30 to get a deer for years and years and years....

Butch A.

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