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Slugs For Shotgun"s

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Default Slugs For Shotgun"s

What type or brand do most of you shoot ,, im talking about sabots slugs that you shoot through a rifle barrel .....and what type of groups do they hold??? what do u recomened...
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

I have best luck out of like 3-4 slug guns wit 2 3/4" rem copper solids. 1oz. 3" shot bad in all. I also had good luck with winchester partitions gold. And usually, the lightfields always shoot well but drop in trajectory like a rock past 80 yards.
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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

I've had great groups out of the new Hornady SST slugs.. and they did a number on the buck I shot last Dec... dropped him in his tracks at 110yds.
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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

Buy 3 or more different brands/kinds that are appropriate to your shotgun and then take them out to shoot. Buy whatever shoots best for you out of your shotgun.
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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

My Nova 12ga likes the Cor-lokts. I got the new Hornady SST's for my son's 870 20ga and he dropped a doe three weeks ago with a perfect shot. It went through the left shoulder, and with a very small entry wound, it tore up both lungs and the heart, no exit wound, and no blood trail to follow. I bought some for my shotgun which I will be trying on the range tomorrow. If they shoot as well in my Nova as the ballistics claims, I think I will be shifting to the SST's. I love the Barnes Expanders in my muzzle loader, but the Federals just don't shoot well from either my Nova, or my son's 870.
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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

I just went through this last Saturday and burned $50 in shells with my Ithaca Deerslayer II. I pretty much deduced exactly what bigcountry stated above. The 2.75" Remington copper solids shot excellent. The lightfield hybreds I shot were 1 hole at 50 yds, but dropped fast and became erratic at 100 yds. I tried the Hornady 300 gr. They shot decent and at the same height as the copper solids at 100 yds, but werepushing about 3" to the right on me. Since my brother shoots copper solids out of his 1100, I figured I was better off keeping those at the zero in case i'm in a bind and need to borrow some ammo. I have shot deer with his gun using the copper solids and performance was excellent. I'd start with a box of the copper solids and if they work call it done.

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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

I bought hornday sst and 3 boxes of lightfeild .... shooting on sat will let you know how it turns out ....
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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

Well, my BRN A-5 with a Hastings Paradox barrel likes Winchester BRI and my Mossberg 835 with rifled barrel likes Federals. After many brands and loads in each. I can place a burned out flood lamp in the mound on my 200yd range and at 150yds be dead center on the lamps.
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Default RE: Slugs For Shotgun"s

I shot my Xtrema 2 KO Slug this past weekend. I tried the following through it:Hastings 3" 1900 fps, Hastings 2 3/4" 'low recoil' 1000 fps, Federal Vital Shocks 2 3/4", Winchester 2 3/4" Xpander, Remington 2 3/4" Copper Solids, Remington 2 3/4 Buckhammers, Hornady SST's (2 boxes, 1 for sighting in, one for testing), 3" Lightfields.
I fired from 100 yards using a sandbag rest. Winds were non-existant, in fact it was trying to be a bit foggy. I fired 3 shot groups with the same hold point for all three shots.
Results for MY gun were:

Remington Copper Solids 2 3/4" shells - 1.3" group @ 100yds
Hornady SST's 2 3/4" shells - 1.75" group
Remington Buckhammer - 2.25" group
The worst group of the bunch came from the Hastings 3" 1900 fps jobs. They had an 8" group. Next worse were the Lightfields.

I had similar results last year with the 391 Urika barrel. The Remingtons worked the best, w/ the Lightfields being the worst. I'm guessing the Beretta barrels just don't care for the Lightfields for some reason.
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