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Nikon Burris or Leupold

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Default RE: Nikon Burris or Leupold

Of the 3,Leupold would be my choice...
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Nikon Burris or Leupold

NIKON... spend the money you saved on some scentlok suit
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For a heavy kicking gun like a 7mm, I would at the bare minimum put a Leupold VX-II on it. I only say this because that's what I bought for my 7MM Mag last fall and love it.
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Originally Posted by skeeter 7MM
Of those listed I'd go with the Burris. However I'd compare them all and add the Bushnell 3200 elite to the list as well.
+1 I wouldn't get a luppy under VXII but that's just my opinion. I have a Bushnell 3200 on my 270 and it is a great scope, clear, and holds zero.
I also have a Burris on my 300 WBY its clear the BallisticPlex is handy and it has never moved off zero with 100 plus rounds so far.
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I agree w/ ruger above. FFII or 3200 is better than prostaff or vx-1, but buckmaster or vx-2 is better than FFII or 3200 for about the same money.

In the past 2-3 years I have bought, shot or set up 4 ffII's, 2 prostaffs, a 3200, a weaver grand slam, and an older Vari-x III.

The Leupold, 3200, and 3 of the 4 burris's are outstanding in low light conditions. The prostaffs and grand slam are less than spectacular in the low light. The is leupold is headed to the shop right now because it would not hold a group and has something rattling around in it.
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Originally Posted by KBacon
Compare the Prostaff, VX1, and Fullfield side by side and make your own choice...

There's only 1 way to do it, & KBacon nailed it!

Originally Posted by HoytShooter95
Well I was at Gander Mountain checkin them all out and I can't tell the difference.
Be sure to focus each scope for your own eyes before comparing. Also, try going back near dark. Park your car as far away as possible, and place a shot-up target on the windshield. Look at the target through each of the scopes, & see which one shows the bullet holes the best.

And if you still can't see any difference, BUY THE CHEAPEST ONE! They're all good scopes from good mfgrs - you can't go wrong here.

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+ 1 for Burris

and here's why !
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I've got a Leupold VX-1 and a Burris Fullfield II both in 3x9x40mm. The Burris is far clearer to me. Does way better in low light and seems to hold zero better also. The Leupold has also been sent in for repair 2 times in 2 years of owning it. The Burris I haven't had for even a year. Almost a year but not quite. So I can't comment on how it will hold up but so far I like it a ton better. I wouldn't even think twice about getting the Leupold over the Burris in the furture. I can't comment on the Nikon as I've never used it but I've heard they are great scopes.

Honestly, I like the Tasco's I've used better than the Leupold I have.

The Burris I also got on clearance for $199 with a free Garmin eTrex GPS. So it was hard to pass up for that price.
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I have several Nikons. 3 Pro Staffs and 1 Monarch. I also have a vari-x III loopy. Of the 5 the Nikons go 1-4 and the loopy gets 5th. For the money I dont think you can go wrong with the Pro Staff however everybody has different prefs so I would say go look through all of them. Burris makes nice glass but the customer service in my experience sucks.

Actually out of all my scopes I think I like the old Redfield Tracker the best. Its a tank.
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