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elk rifle

Old 07-08-2006, 11:25 PM
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Default elk rifle

I got selected to go on a elk hunt this fall in utah through hunt of a lifetime. But i have a issue. The biggest gun i have in my arsenol is a 6mm remington shooting 105gr pills. I talked to the outfitter he seemed kind of hesitant but claimed it would work if i felt comfortable with it. I was thinking of getting something a little bigger, but i need to try to keep the recoil around a 243 range. How big of a rifle do you all think i could get with a muzzlebreak or recoil pad or possibly both and keep it around 243 recoil. I was thinking a 7mm-08rem but i wasn't sure. Please give me you're opinions. I am a disabled hunter due to back injuries i can't substain a heavy knock from a large caliber and i have a fairly small frame.
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Default RE: elk rifle

The 7mm-08 in a heavier rifle with a good recoil pad should work just fine using a lighter bullet such as the 140gr tsx.
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Default RE: elk rifle

I would go with a .257 Wby. Mag. with a muzzlebrake. It will recoil like a .243 Win. Good luck.
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Default RE: elk rifle

The 260rem I love it very little recoil and a 140gr .264 cal pill has a surprising amount of penertration, oh and the 6.5X55 is also a top option.
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Default RE: elk rifle

IMHO, your outfitter is attempting to give you good advise. For a once in a lifetime elk hunt, especially one where someone else is footing the bill, I'd recommend you upgrade your weaponry to the task at hand.

**Get a good fitting rifle (use someone that really knows the ins and outs on this part), preferrably a bolt action repeater [if that fits your handicap](but a repeater of some sort, especially if you don't want the outfitter/guide backing up your shot).
**Add a Pachmayer or Limbsaver -heavy dutyrecoil pad even if the stock has to be shortened to make the overall fit come out right.
**Go with a heavier rifle or have (removable) weight added to a lighter onesince it sounds (polaris) that you are riding to your ambush spots and likely will shoot from a rest.
**With your muzzlebrake I'd recommend using one that can be screwed off and a protective thread protector cap put on.
[Wear hearing protection with EVERY SINGLE SHOT with a muzzlebrake.]
[Make sure your outfitter will allow muzzlebrake use.]

3x9 sighted to zero at 200 yards --- Western distances will potentially seem mightly long compared to most backEast deer hunting.

30-06with 168 Barnes TSX, heavier if you go with lead core bullets (180gr.)

With this set up the emphasis was on the rifle so you don't have tocompromise on cartridge. Your guide will have absolutley NO second thoughts with this set up and recoil should be quite light. For a poll of favorite elk rifles used preferred by those who actually take elk, check out this thread:

You'll be right in the running!

If this rig leaves you a little gun shy, then consider the same rifle set up ina 308 and 150 to 165 gr. Barnes TSX. It is a real close 30-06 equivalent, though seemingly not particularly popular in elk hunting circles. In any case, the fit of the rifle, the mag recoil pad, the weight of the rifle, combined with the muzzlebrake will pretty well reduce this rifle to about nothing significant on recoil.

Note: Not all bullets are created equal, especially when one starts "lightening things up." Barnes is your friend on this exercise.
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Default RE: elk rifle

Yes that 6mm is too light.All these other choices that have been stated are great too.Good luck!!HCH
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Default RE: elk rifle

All of the previously stated options are good choices. If you were able to handle the recoil, the .338 WinMag is by far one of the best elk rifles ever produced, but that is not an option in your case, I take it. As you asked for suggestions in your original post, you asked about the 7-08. I personally feel that is about as good a choice as you can make. The 140 gr. bullet of your choice, along with good shot placement ought to do the trick easily. The recoil of the 7-08 should be quite manageable also. Whatever your selection, good hunting and good luck !!
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Default RE: elk rifle

If recoil is a big issue for you I would take a look at the 260rem or 6.5x55. My wife shoots the 6.5x55 with 140gr bullets and has no problem dropping moose with it. Although she hasn't tagged an elk with it yet, that is what she brings when we are out chasing them.
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Default RE: elk rifle

ORIGINAL: hardcorehunter

Yes that 6mm is too light.All these other choices that have been stated are great too.Good luck!!HCH

The 6MM is completely adequate if you're picking shots well. I'd prefer the .260 Rem however
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Default RE: elk rifle

Well, there you have it, the entire gambit.
As you might have guessed before you posted, you're the one that will have to decide.

In wading thru all the advise you've received,you'll have to factor in your own concerns. Some you may want to consider:
** Doyou want "adequate"?
** If yourhost is a little sketchy about a 6mm, then are you okay if he instructs the guide to limit your shot opportunities to perfect broadside "whitetail poses" or do you desire a little more leeway? You may want to ask about this.
** It sounds like this is a "once in a lifetime hunt"; some folks like to go "light" in theirchoice of riflesfor the game at hand just as a matter of sport and challenge; however, most of them are quite experienced with elkand can go next year and the year after that and the year after that. Does that sound like you and does that affect your choice?
** If your guide was a little sketchy about your 6mm, then how happy or unhappy will you be, if when you pull up to shoot you seean accompanying guide bearing down on the same animal readyto back youup if they don't like what they see/hear on the first shot?
[May or may not happen, but when you're there and the elk is there, that isnot when you want to find out. You might want to ask about that part.]

It sounds like you have a golden opportunity. Good luck in making the most of it.
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