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elk rifle

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Default RE: elk rifle

Remington makes some ammo that is supposed to reduce recoil. You might want to consider that along with what others are said. 6 MM will kill a elk with propper shot placement. So will a 243, but given the size of the annimal, most opt for a little bigger gun. I think you can set one up and keep the recoil down with a bit larger caliber. I don't think I would want to go on a hunt like that and be questioning my gun the entire time. Peace of mind and little worries has to mean something.
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I ouwld hate to go into theelk mountains undergunned. My last (only only so far) elk was killed with a 280 remington chambered model 70. I din't notice the recoil them but since then I have shot the same gun and it is noticably less than a .300 win mag (the most popular elk cartridge). But I have read about many elk being killed with the verable 6.5x55 sweedish. This is a great caertidge and not too nasty to shoot. Itis already extremely accurate. You might also consider the 7x57 mauser and the 270. Both kick less than a 30 06. But don't forget the .308. All of these would be good out to say 200 or 250 yards.
Browning makes a BOSS system which is a muzzle break that also can enhance accuracy by tuning the vibrations of the barrel. These are (or were available on Winchester model 70 and are still available on Browning A bolts. Most manufacturers like savage and Remington makle guns with muzzle breaks but seems to me that they are mostly on large calibers.
If money is not too tight, you can get your rifle and take it to a gun smith and have a muzzle break installed. Some reports I have read claim 20-30% less felt recoil.
Anyway, good luck
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Default RE: elk rifle

Get a .30/'06 or a 7mm Remington Magnum with a Limbsaver recoil pad and a Lead Sled rest to use with it at the range for practice and zeroing. When you take yourshot at the elk, I guarantee you won't feelthe recoil - in fact, you might not even hear the rifle go "bang"........
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Great advice. I would much rather see a recoil sensitive shooter get one of these than a muzzle brake. You will never feel the recoil when hunting. Many shooters, especially women, flinch worse from the noise than the kick.

As stated,.260 or 7MM-08 is going to be a mild kicker -but is also going to limit you somewhat in terms of maximum effective range and less than ideal angles. Not generally a big issue for filling a cow tag, but could be heart breaker when hunting big bulls.

Although I primarily hunt elk with a .270 wildcat that is at about the same performance level as a .270 WSM; if I were to own a hunting lodge in elk country, I would probably have a row of stainless synthetic bolt action rifles with Leupold scopes - all sighted in - an all in the .300 Winchester caliber.
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I think ELKamp has given you the best advise. From what I read in your post, it doesn't seem that you're afraid of recoil rather that your back couldn't take the recoil. Even the "Hunt of a Lifetime" doesn't warrant risking serious injury over. I'd say buy a 30.06 that fits you well then have a good muzzlebrake installed to cut your recoil. Look at That, with a good recoil pad should bring you down to where you need to be with your recoil. Good luck!
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Just food for thought..... I put a Sims/ Limbsaver Recoil pad on my Browning A-bolt 280 Rem and the Reduction in recoil is amazing. The A bolt is a light gun and though I didn't think it kick hard before my son disagreed. Anyway, shooting it and a Rem 700 243 win side by side I think the 280 may even have the lighter kick of the two.

I would Opt for a 280 or 30-06 with a Sims pad anyday over a 7-08 or 260 if the recoil can be handled.
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.You might consider a Semi Auto if legal. The Browning or Remington in 30-06 is pretty gentle in the recoil department. Other than that, the calibers from 260 to 280 all have good 140 grain bullets and would do the job well. The 7x57 would be a good choice as would the 7mm-08.
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i took my first elk with a 7-08 . that critter went down so fast that i all most shot another elk .
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Default RE: elk rifle

thanks guys. The 7-08 doesnt sound like a bad idea given the circumstances. Any other ideas fellas?
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My boss is very recoil sensative. He shoots a 7-08 that has a mercury recoil reducer and a good recoil pad. I didn't even feel it when he let me shoot it at the range. And it groups pretty darn good to boot.
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