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Default RE: Good Poll Question

maybe you can cram more powder in a inline, and mount a scope on it, but neither is necessary, certainly we dont all need scopes, but no one wants a new season for scoped rifles because there can shoot more accuratly or further than someone with iron sights.
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Default RE: Good Poll Question

When someone poses this kind of question to me I usually respond by asking back "Why does a muzzleloader have to be long, heavy, unreliable or inaccurate to be considered a primitive weapon?"

I stuff my Knight from the front just like I'd stuff a Hawken. I wonder how many deer have been wounded because they started to duck , jump or run between the click and boom so common to the "primitive" sidelocks? I know with my Knight that it will fire instantly every time, and the bullet will go where I aim it and a bad shot is no ones fault but my own. And like the guy with a flintlock shooting roundball, I only get one shot.


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Default RE: Good Poll Question

No, I agree with a lot of the above.

Here a little story, I was at the range sighting my inline with a scope and older gentleman was shooting his flintlock. Yet another older MLer, stated my gun shouldn't be allowed in the "Traditional ML" season b/c it was way to accurate and not fair chase. Of course I defended my rights and stated I use to use the same gun as him and still have the same 150 yards max range with most shots being under 100 I would take. The other flintlock guy came to my rescue, by stating he could out shoot me with my inline scoped ML and him using his flintlock irons. Well to make a long story short....he did. This guy could hit a shotgun shell case at 100 yards...everytime.

I too hate defending my right to hunt with an inline. Still have to ram the load, practice like heck, failure is always a possibility...basically the same as my flintlock.

I guess we should maybe only allow MLing in buckskin too, since camo is a little unfair. Oh wait what about compound bows vs recurves. Tree stands, scents, scentlock suits, Ultra Mag, scopes, game know the list does and can go on. I say as hunters we should never get on others back with new advantages, technology, etc...use our efforts to band as brothers and stand behind HUNTING. Even if you choose to not partake, just don't take!!!!!!!

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Default RE: Good Poll Question

PA thinks so..they finally allowed them but only in a week doe hunt in oct i think...i duno bout regualr season im not into to answer the question i dont think they are too advanced....yet...soon they might as well stop with it all and make rifle season longer...but not yet...i really dont see why people love hunting with muzzel loaders..exspeacially in PA where flintlocks are the only thing legal in ML season(till this year) i mean why hunt wit ha gun that was made in the 1800s and alota the time doesnt go off or you miss or wound your game? make another rilfe season later i nthe winter and give us another 2 wk seeason...hunt with what you want..thats the way i see it...
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Default RE: Good Poll Question

have all ready responed. but here is what i hunt with.

a cva stag hunter. i use eather hornday grat plans conical or the bufflo bore max-ball. both shot to the same point of aim with my gun at 50yd. i use #11 caps and the factory open sites. 100gr ffg clean shot.

so i ask you where do i have an avantage over any cap lock? the reasions i went with the in-line.
1.better safty "at least to my thinking"
2.if i have a faluer to fire i do not have to pull the bullet. "to me its safer there to.
3.i like the feal of that gun.

i all so use a 44 cap and ball.
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Default RE: Good Poll Question

I would have to vote NO to the poll. Its a good poll question, as I hear it often at the range. I don't exactly know why the season was made but I think part of archery season has been donated to muzzle loaders. My belief it was created to make us spend more money, It definetly has done that! That being said it adds a little variety or spice if you would, to the hunting life, and if it loads from the muzzle, black or smokeless, it falls in the category, no matter what you have on it.

Thats close enough for the girls I go out with!
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Default RE: Good Poll Question

I hunt with a flintlock, but I don't make my own flints, cast my own bullets, make my own bullet lube, powderhowns, or patches. I also don't know how to tan leather. I think some of the inline rifles are silly looking, but I can't complain about people using them if that is their taste.

Until some muzzleloader company comes out with a revolutionary new self-contained bullet, powder, and ignition source that can be quickly loaded from the breech, I won't complain.

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Default RE: Good Poll Question

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