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577 tyrannasaur?????

Old 02-14-2006, 07:17 PM
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Default RE: 577 tyrannasaur?????

Where can I look at more of that 12 gauge? What are some ballistics, that thing looks bad.

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: 577 tyrannasaur?????

If memory serves me correctly (which increasingly it doesn't [:@]) the "T-Rex" is about 75% as powerful as a 50BMG. But the "fearful" thing about the big Rex is that most are built in guns weighing less than 20#s. Recoil would be frightful to say the least. I have seen those videos of it being fired, the 140# ragheads firing it are the most hysterical things I have ever seen. Somehow, the jittery little dudes are so quick they manage to fire it yet let go of it and get out from behind it before it can move them!

Now, I am MORE interested in the "12ga from hell" I'm tryin to figure out how much Nitro/HeviShot could be fired from that behemoth!!! THAT would be fun.

Where do I sign?
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Default RE: 577 tyrannasaur?????

Red, have you ever seen the pic of that gun writer shooting that BMG with 16" barrel?LOL That pic is hilarious.
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Default RE: 577 tyrannasaur?????

ORIGINAL: Duckbutter48

Looks like the perfect weapon if a Graboid has crashed threw your basement wall and is trying to eat you and your country singer wife.
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Default RE: 577 tyrannasaur?????

ORIGINAL: longrifle1000

ORIGINAL: bigiron

whats the 12 gauge from hell
It is a lengthened 12 ga made from 50bmg brass.

Well, it LOOKS impressive, but surely that soft lead slug is somewhat limited in the velocities to which it can be driven and still be expected to hit something.

So, are there HV projectiles/loads for this critter, and how does it perform when loaded with something that can stand up to the capabilities of the thing's powder capacity??

Just curious! How does the .585 Nyati perform vs the .577 Tyrannosauror the 700 Nitro (I note that the standard load for the 700 Nitro seems to develop less energy than the .600 Nitro, despite being fatter.....)
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