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17. HMR

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Default 17. HMR

i was just wondering what you guys would think the farthest effective distance is for the 17. HMR ... i have a single shot which is my new gopher getter... opinions plz...
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Default RE: 17. HMR

having considerable experence with the 17 HMR in a marlin bolt action with a3-9x redfeild scope i would say the maximum effective range would be around 200 yard max. 150 would be a goodrange to stick with because the little bullets tend to drop a good amount after that. If you pracitse at the rang a lot with your gun and find out where it hits at different ranges making shots out to, and beyond 200 yerds is not impossable.
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Default RE: 17. HMR

I agree, really depends on how well you shoot, how well you know your gun and if you have a range finder or not. I have heard of people on rimfire central making shots out to 300 yards.

I say 200 is reasonable, if you hit it in the head or base of the neck I'm sure it will go down.

Let me know how high the center of your scope is from the center of your bore and what type of rifle you shoot and I can do some ballistics calculations for you that will give you the best sight in for what range you want to shoot. If you sight them in for 100-110 yards they shoot pretty flat out to about 130 yards.

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Default RE: 17. HMR

Isight mine in dead on at 100 because much farther than that and that little tike likes to drop alot. I shoot with a 3x9x40 Simmons too.
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Default RE: 17. HMR

I have shot mine out to 300 yards. It only works on calm days.LOL We shot some 20oz plastic bottles of water, and it looked impressive. I personally would not shoot at a critter that far. But 200 yards is certainly do-able. I shot a possum last week at 175 yards, and it was VERY effective. It didn't gomore than 6" once hit. I use a BSA Sweet 17 scope, and it has a bullet drop compensator built into the elevation turret. Just click in the distance, and shoot. Good luck
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Default RE: 17. HMR

I think i would stay in the 150 yards range for most shots. that little pill really starts to loose speed and energy after that. i have my savage sighted dead on at 100 yards and at 300 yards it drops just over 3 feet. that's alot of drop. as for the energy i am not sure but it does not leave much of a mark on the medal targets at 300 yards.i have foundlead at the 300 yard targetthat didnot even mushroom properly. all and all though they are a fun gun to shoot. but they just don't have much peter behind them.
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Default RE: 17. HMR

The farthest ive shot so far with my cz was a blackbird at 160 yds, but i wouldnt have any reservations about shooting something that small at 200, but id just about call that the max.

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Default RE: 17. HMR

They lose a lot of energy fast after 150 yds, guess it depends on what you are shooting at.

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