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Default RE: Weatherby??

IL4x4 I wanna make sure I understand you when you say, "She wants an original Weatherby but not a Mark V"? (lol the Mk IV was a Lincoln!) Roy Weatherby invented the Mark V and it is what made him a millionaire and built the company into what it is today, I don't think you can call ANY Mark V an "un-original". Maybe you aren't quite sure what gun she wants? The Mark V is not a Vanguard, it is the 9lug, Weatherby action that is featured on their famous magnums including the highly decorated and beautiful guns like the Deluxe, Lazermarks and Custom Shop guns like we are talking about. I believe the Mark V came out in about 58? The earliest Mk Vs were built in German by Sauer and then in the late 60s Roy moved production too Japan where they built all the Weatherbys until 1995. They still build the shotguns and Vanguards in Japan (Howa builds them) and the Mark Vs are built here stateside by Saco Armory I believe in Conneticut(not Sako of Finland fame!)? The German Vs are the same style as the Japanese and current Vs.

I am assuming if she truly means an "original" she perhaps would be talking about the earliest Enfields and other Mauser based Weatherby's that Roy started having built in the late 40s? If so those are indeed rare and quite pricey, now they would be GREAT conversation pieces and collectibles for sure. But they aren't the "quintessential" Weatherby with trick wood, high combs and dazzling finishes and a smooth bolt like the Mark Vs were/are.

Hope that made sense or at least cleared up the question?
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Default RE: Weatherby??

Red, maybe she Weatherby shooting a Sako![:-]
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Default RE: Weatherby??

When you find one,and it has the orginal Wby scope on it,take off the scope and people around collect them and get many bucks for them. You really don,t want them on your gun,for they don,t have self-centering cross hairs and the new scopes now days are better! If your going to have it good then,make it real good. vangunsmith
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Default RE: Weatherby??

Van you got that right, by todays standards even the last generation Supremes are junk! BUT they sure bring some obscene money huh? I thought I wanted a 3x9x40 Supreme just to put on a spareMark V strictly for collection and conversations sake, but I AINT about to pay $200-$300 for a freakin over glorified Tasco. Some people are just NUT$ I reckon. I remember before the advent of online auctions when you couldn't give Weatherby scopes away, now days they are bringing more than good ol used Leupolds... [:-]

But like they say, something is worth EVERY PENNY of what someone else is willing to pay for it!!!

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Default RE: Weatherby??

I would be very careful buying an older.257 Weatherby. These guns don't have a very long useful barrel life. Have it checked for throat erosion before shelling out all the money.

Red Allison - my best buddy in high school had a new 1968 Roadrunner with a 383 4 BBL and a four speed. A lot of memories went to the junkyard with that car when he wrecked it in 1971. Roskoe.
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Default RE: Weatherby??

From what she told me, she wants one of the originals built on the mauser action. I guess it's some kind of mid-life crisis for her. I don't ask her these things. She tells me what she wants, I tell her "Yes ma'am!" She's worse than my wife!
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Default RE: Weatherby??

If I read your post correctly she is wanting a Mark V Deluxe in .257?
You DID NOT read the post correctly.

She wants a mauser action weatherby.....prior to the Mark V
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Default RE: Weatherby??

think you are looking for a 257 weatherby commercial mauser action timney trigger the hand made in 45 to 48 if so I have one
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