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Best Turkey Gun?

Old 09-25-2005, 09:28 PM
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Default Best Turkey Gun?

Looking for a new turkey gun. I currently have an 870 but I'd like a camo synthetic gun. I saw a browning endorsed by the nwtf that I liked. Are there any other nwtf endorsed guns out there. What all do you guys like? The Browning was like 498 used at cabelas and probly around 500 is my limit. I need some ideas to look for. Especially the best barrel length, sights included, 3.5inch, etc. Please help! Thanks! Chris!
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

The last turkey I shot was with a .410 3" and 7 1/2 shot.

They tell us we need a 3 1/2" 12 your own judge.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

I have and LOVE my Browning BPS. I like using 3.5'' for turkeys. No, you don't have to have it, but I like it. I would go with the 24'' barrel. As for camo, again, something you don't HAVE to have. Mine is the black Stalker.

You are going to get many different opinions b/c there is no "Best". Just "best" that he/she likes.

The Mossberg 835 is a great out of the box turkey gun. I had one and it was the only gun I've seen that could hold its own against my BPS (patterning).

My next shot gun will probably be the Mossberg 935. They are all personal choices. I am sure you wouldn't go wrong with any.

If you have the money, I would suggest the BPS. I know several people with them and can honestly say I've never heard any complaints and I'm not being biased b/c I have one.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

A mossberg 835 is a great turkey gun. I love mine.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

I really didn't say much about the 24'' barrel.

IF you want to use this shot gun for ducks, doves, skeet, or anything like that. I would buy a good pair of ear muffs if you go with the 24'' barrel. They are loud.

I love the 24'' for turkey hunting b/c its one shot (most of the time), so it doesn't bother ya. It is also great b/c its lighter and easier to hold up for long periods of time. Also easier to move around in the woods.

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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

I didn't have that great of an experience with the Mossberg 835. I sold mine. I thought it was too heavy and mine didn't pattern all that great.

I don't think that you need 3.5" for turkey. 3" is just fine and kicks less.

I would vote for a Stoeger 2000. I have one now and I couldn't be happier. It is a great gun and it is made by Benelli and costs about $400.

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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?


You are the first person i've heard say anything about a 835 that didn't pattern well. They are actually known for their patterns. I had one with a 24'' and it patterned like a monster. Only gun of mine it didn't out do is my BPS.

I sold mine too, but it wasn't b/c of the pattern.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

Take a look at They have several that has been endorsed. I am looking at the model 1300 Buck and Tom gun myself.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

I picked up a used Remington SP10 last year for less than $400. So many people are going to the 3 1/2" 12 ga. for waterfowl hunting, it is not hard to find a good used 10 ga. for a decent price. I have used a 3 1/2" 12 ga.for years on turkeys and just bought the SP10 for kicks and grins. I bought a Hastings XXFull tube for it and when I patterned it I was AMAZED! With #4's it will put 18 pellets in the head and neck on a turkey target at 65 yds. I have killed four birds with it so far with the farthest being 45yds., he rolled like a tire. Just a little food for thought.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun?

I'll throw another vote for the 3.5" Browning BPS. Mine is a Stalker model with a 28" barrel and a Rhino choke. The patterns are amazing.
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