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The mob is heading your way???

Old 09-02-2005, 06:58 PM
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Default The mob is heading your way???

Been watching the news lately and I've been wondering, could it happen here. I don't think Chicago is going to flood one day (even though it is built on a swamp) but the mass chaos that is going on for 5 days non-stop could follow any event. I'd like to be prepared.
Before anyone blasts me for being insensitive (and you're a weenie if you do) I'm just posting this as a way of starting a discussion on a "what if" subject.

A disaster has just stuck and there has been no sign of law enforcement for days and no sign of any law enforcement for many days more. Suddenly you see looters and thugs in a big mob heading towards your home and family. You can't run. You have to protect yourself. Given this hypothetical scenario what is your 3 gun self defense battery going to include?
Mine will be a 12 gauge pump with an extension tube and lots of buckshot shells. A size-gun and levergun combo that both chamber the same caliber of .357 or .44 magnum. That long tubular magazine will hold lots of ammo and you can share it with your close range gun if needed.

If you're offended by my question go watch the news some more.
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

Years ago I read a book by Mel Tappan titled "Survival Guns." Tappan was a noted survivalist who believed that society was going in the hamper one day and that the common man would need to fend for himself in violence and chaos. I thought he was a pretty paranoid fellow, and while I valued his opinions on the merits of various firearms I thought he was taking things a bit too far. I now believe that he was a visionary.

He was right. Society can go to hell in a heartbeat. It just did down south. Such local government as exists seems to be so disorganized as to only make things worse, at least so far. Not pointing fingers, just calling it as I se it.

My three gun battery for social breakdown? My Mossberg 12 guage with short barrel, my Mini 14 and my 1911.Ammo aplenty for all, magazines too.

Max, about the only thing I would "blast" you for is limiting the battery to three guns!
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

Ahhhh, very good. I forgot about the Mini-14 and 1911 combo. I don't trust semi-auto's when your life depends upon it but those 2 happen to be the best of the breed. I'd trust my family's life to them. They have the advantage of a quick reload.
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

AR-15,Ruger P 97 and Remington 1100 for me.
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

A 12 ga pump with an 8 shot tube, pistol grip, and 18" barrel firing the Aguila mini buck shot shells. 12 - 13 of these little shells will fit in an 8 round tube. Each shell fires 7 pellets of #4 buck and 4 pellets of #1 buck shot.

Tommy gun with a couple of 100 round drums and multiple 30 round sticks filled up with good ole 45 acp's. Great for shouldering and firing into the mob while they are on their way to my house. Could easily lay out most of them before they got there with our having to reload.

While I love the 1911 I would opt for a handgun that will hold more than 8 rounds of ammo in the magazine. Something like a Springfield XD40 or a Glock 22.

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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

well, I'm going a different direction...

are you trapped in the city? is there no hope for escape? I would plan on being the H*** outta Dodge long before things deteriorated that far...

in which case I'd need a .22, a 12 gauge pump (like an 870) and a .38 or .357 revolver...
so, I'd say my 10/22 (maybe even my Target Model, even though it weighs a ton)... my 1300 Winchester, and a handgun to be named later (I traded my King Cobra off for a custom caplock on a T/C action)...

actually, the best all-around "survival" gun I can think of is the good-ol' Winchester 94 or Marlin 1895 in .30-30Win
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

An M4 carbine with many 30 round mags, a Reminton 870 with #4 buckshot, and my XD 9mm. I already have a couple cases of ammo for each stored away. Ya just never know when something can go horribly wrong.
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

12 gauge pump, Ruger 10/22 & a 9mm pistol.

12 gauge to make the all fearing slide racking sound, a big bang and throw all kinds of he)).

10/22 to put lots of "little" hurts on lots of folks if necessary at distances up to 100 yards.

9mm for the hip.
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

all i would need is my dad and my brother and I.......and our three mossberg pump 12 gauges......oh yeah, and if we are holed up in our house, we would probably start using the reloader again....and find all those slugs around the house that werent really good enough for hunting deer.....i would never shoot a deer with some of these slugs, just because i didnt think they shot consistently enough.....but i would DAMN sure put it in some looter trying to break in...
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Default RE: The mob is heading your way???

Having guns to protect yourself from one, two or a dozen looters is one thing but to have a mob heading your way is something else. And just because they are looters doesn't mean that they don’t have guns either. One person to deal with the mob wouldn’t stand much of a chance but if you had a number of relative or people helping in protecting you property then I think you might be successful. I probably would have left the area but if I would have had to stay my choice would be the 12 ga. with buck shot.
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