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Default trout

I went trout fishing for the first time ever today with my dad and my cousin. We were fishing the Cumberland River in South Central KY. The river is down about 10 feet because they are woking on the Wolf Creek Dam about 7 miles away. The deepest the water gets is about 4.5 to 5.5 feet deep and the water temp is about 70. There is a pretty good current and quite a bit of fish. What do yall reccomend to catch em on. We were threading our hooks with whole kernals of corn but the fish wernt showing much of an interest. If yall have any tips to tear the trout up I would appreciate it. Thanks all.
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Default RE: trout

Worms my friend..good ole fishing worms fished on the bottom.
Small worms are best
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Default RE: trout

I have caught alot of trout on Panther Martin spinners. Worms are good held below the surface aginst the current. Crickets (in my experience) has been the absolute best bait for trout. If your gonna use live bait that is. Check out the line of P.M.s

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Default RE: trout

I like breaking off a piece of nightcrawler and using that for trout as well as dry flies this time of year.
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Default RE: trout

Any of the above should work especailly the spinners. I swear by Panther Martins when it comes to trout, i will usually always go with them over bait cause they are just as effective but yoour actually puttin more effort into catching it. But other things that i have found to work really good is cheese or a piece of shrimp(just from a frozen ring of shrimp and that is if your regs allow it) or salmon eggs. Good luck and dont forget to take some pics.
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Default RE: trout

I am a Mepps guy myself. Silver blade bald hook. #0 ir #1
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Default RE: trout

If you use Mepps go with the Comet with a copper blade or a Furry with a black blade with yellow dots.I like using a pearl trout spinner with a red dot on the blade.
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Default RE: trout

If the water temp is that high the fish are probably in a bit of distress that is pretty warm for trout. The waters ability to hold oxygen goes down as temperature goes up until eventually all the trout will die. Hope the water cools down.
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Default RE: trout

I swear by crickets myself. I use a #10 thin wire hook, usually eagle claw, and a single split shot about 12 to 16 inches from the hook. I use this to work all of the runs in an area vary thoroughly. The split shot should be just heavy enough to make it bump the bottom; any heavier and you hang up, any lighter and it won’t get down to them. I only use the easily removable shot so I can change the weight according to the current. Get the shot with the little notch where it holds the line, this will keep it from sliding down as it bumps the bottom. Here is one I caught the end of may.


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Default RE: trout

hey higgy my great grandpa designed and constructed that damn along with many others. i think its cool. did yall stay at the camp ground there below it or do yall live in ky or something
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