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Anyone shot the Remington 700 adl In .308win? >

Anyone shot the Remington 700 adl In .308win?

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Anyone shot the Remington 700 adl In .308win?

Old 06-08-2015, 08:54 AM
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Default Anyone shot the Remington 700 adl In .308win?

Just wondering how this gun performs at 50-300 yds.
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Old 06-08-2015, 09:50 AM
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It is pretty much just like any other 700 except for the stock. The stock is not stiff enough for my liking. Flexible stocks can change point of impact a little if used with a bipod (pressing the stock fore end upward against the barrel) or a tight sling (pulling the stock fore end away from the barrel). However, you can bed the action and float the barrel so that it does not touch the fore end of the stock it and make it into a fairly nice rifle. All of the ones that I have shot were quite accurate and a good value.

I am assuming that this rifle will be used for large North American game so the .308 will do it all at 300 yards except for possibly the large bears.
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Old 06-08-2015, 11:40 AM
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I agree with Big Uncle, the stock on the ADL - as with most, if not all synthetic stocked, budget models on the market - is one downside to it. It's serviceable, but it's not good, and deserves to be replaced. It took the following rifle down from a 1.1-1.2MOA shooter down to under 3/4MOA to replace the stock. 1.1-1.2MOA, however, will still kill deer way further than most guys should be shooting at them.

HNI Gunsmithing Projects Thread: Quick & Simple ADL Spiff Up

Here's a link to a Rem 700 ADL that my mom bought for her significant other for Christmas. I put a new stock and new scope on it. It was a bit over 1" before the new stock and bedding, it's a bit under 1" at 100yrds now. It's in 243win, so your rifle in question would be exactly the same, except for being bored for a 30cal bullet instead of a 6mm.

This is what it looked like out of the box - just another Rem 700 ADL.

50-300yrds? How well can YOU shoot? The Rem 700 ADL's that sell at Walmart for under $400 - as in my thread above - will shoot under 4" at 300yrds if you can do your job.

On Christmas day, we were home with my mom when she gave the rifle to him. We took it out and shot some tannerite at 100 and 250yrds. I forget what size they are - maybe 1lb? - but the cans are ~4" diameter and almost as tall, one shot hits at 250yrds isn't asking much, but it wasn't difficult either, shooting off-hand kneeling.

The scope in the ADL package guns isn't good, which is why I took it off and replaced it on the rifle in the thread. The rings are poor also - again, why I replaced them on the rifle in the thread.

As far as the 308win goes, you didn't mention an application, but the 308win has a lot going for it in a lot of arenas. Want to shoot 1,000yrd competitions? The 308win has an app for that. Want to kill elk? The 308win has an app for that. Want a budget friendly round to plink with? The 308win has an app for that... Recoil is relatively low, cost is relatively low, mid-sized game killing power is relatively high. It might not be the best cartridge for any given purpose, but it's incredibly versatile - it's just a fact that a 150-180grn 30cal bullet at 2600-3000fps is very capable on multiple fields. A little overpowered for small game like coyotes, a little underpowered for the largest of moose, but capable of either.
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Old 07-05-2015, 05:36 AM
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You talking the new ADL or the old walnut stock ones?
I had the exact same gun the nomercys mom bought, same caliber. Took the stock off and replaced it with a Boyds laminate. Also replace the trigger guard with a steel one.
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