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Nontypical Buck
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Default Ruger American in the 243 Win.

My buddy just picked up his new Ruger American chambered in the 243 Win yesterday, it is the first short action up here so far, plenty of 270's and 30-06's but this is the first short action to arrive in this part of the country. He ordered it 4 months ago, it came in wed. he picked it up yesterday. It is a really nice looking gun, he paid $335, you cant go wrong with that. I have seen the 30-06's and 270's shoot, very impressive! Was going to go out to the range today but it is storming here today, what luck he has, waited 4 months and still cant shoot it. He bought it at Lolo's Sporting Goods in Lewiston Id., they told him it was the first one in the northwest, and they only got one, and he bought it. Also said if you want one in the 308 or the 243, they didnt know when they would get any in those cartidges, Right now if you order a 243 there you will be #6 on the list at that shop. I think I will go ahead and get on the list, wish they had them in a 7-08 and they came in stainless, maybe they will later down the line. For a low priced beater gun in the truck or on the 4 wheeler that is going to take some abuse and still shoot like a house on fire this is the gun. In my opinion Ruger has hit a home run!
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Fork Horn
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I went out on Monday with my Ruger 308 American, my best group was Hornady 150g reloads which shot at just under and inch at 100 yards but believe me I had a number of 2-3 inch groups as well. This was my first time shooting this rifle so it is not even close to being broke in and the temp was in the mid 80s. Add to this I only get to the range 6-8 times a year and you get the picture.
Sometimes it takes time to work up a good rifle.
The 243 is a very good for deer, I used one several years ago when I was recovering from back surgery and did not want to practice with my 30cals and it worked great!
And the price on these American rifles is very good, I paid $379 for mine, with that price you really can't go wrong
Doug Olwin
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Nontypical Buck
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My daughter uses a 243 Win. I helped her setup this rifle/scope. After a lot of experimenting at the range, and 10 +/- years hunting white tailed er here in the SE USA, the best combo for killing deer cleanly at short and longer ranges is a quality 100 gr. bullet designed for medium size game. (Not the varmint stuff) She has killed deer cleanly from about point blank --- under 30 yards ... out to about 250 yards. Very few have dropped quicky, but non have gone farhter than about 200 yards. Most are down within 50 yards.
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Originally Posted by fritz1 View Post
In my opinion Ruger has hit a home run!


Might just be the next new "best value" entry level rifle in the market place !!!

TC Venture is now 2nd best IMO.
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Have any of you shot the Savage Axis, and if so, how does it compare to the Ruger?
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Default Good value, if

you can limit yourself to one of four general calibers, and can use a rifle which doesn't have a pretty wooden stock.
For me, I've got it marked down.
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Fork Horn
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Originally Posted by Murdy View Post
Have any of you shot the Savage Axis, and if so, how does it compare to the Ruger?
I've been a fan of Savage for many years so I bought an Axis last year in 25-06. In short, spectacular gun! Last hunt was 280+ yard mule deer. Dropped her in her shadow. Very accurate, very tough, very dependable gun.
I roll my own and my best load was 50 grains H4831sc pushing a Nosler 115 gr Ballisic tip. C.O.A.L. is 3.215". I can't remember how far off the lands that is.
The con: trigger is stiff but I easily Googled it and did a trigger job myself.
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