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Default winchester 670

anyone have any experiance with the winchester 670...tell me about it please
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Default RE: winchester 670

Rough.....crude.....made for a price....

It'll work but I'd call it a truck gun more than a hunting rifle.....
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Default RE: winchester 670

These rifles from what I recall is a less expensive version of the model 70. They didn't have the walnut stock, bright blued finish. They were a working rifle and I've seen a couple that shot very well.
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Default RE: winchester 670

My cousin has a 670 in 30-06, he mainly uses it for a beat around gun, but ive shot it a few times and i cant tell the differance between it, and a model 70 of that era. As far as im concernedits just a model 70, with a less fancy stock.

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Default RE: winchester 670

I have a model 670 30-06 that my father bought me when I was 12 I'm 50 now I have harvested32 deer and onebear 3 Bullelk and lots of pigsI just stopped using it 4 years ago for a newRemington 270 wsm and I justbought a Thompson Center Pro Hunter in a 243 but I'm getting a 50 cal powder barrel. It has been a great gun andis a tack driver with a weaver 4X9 scope. I'm going to let my God sonhunt with it now and see if he can get40 years out of it.
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Default RE: winchester 670

I had a 670 in .270. It was a good gun, shot straight and packed descently. About the only problem that I really had with it was that it didnt feed as smoothly as I would have liked. Traded it in on an older Savage 99 in .308.
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Default Winchester 670 Rifle...Excellent action in last version

Originally Posted by sonnys View Post
anyone have any experiance with the winchester 670...tell me about it please
The original version had feeding problems, the bolt would hang up, sometimes. Look for a Win.670 with the "G" serial number. This was the final 670 version. It is smooth. The right hand locking lug has a groove in it that follows a rail on the inside of the action, so it does not and can not do anything but be buttery smooth in action. Many Bench Rest competition custom rifle builders buy this rifle for just the action. It is that smooth. Bench rest competitors do not want the classic Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 "Mauser" claw extractor on an action. It cants the cartridge case to one side, and will not fire as accuratly. Anybody that pans the 670, just does not know about this "G" Serial number type.
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