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Which Shotgun

Old 02-11-2003, 08:35 PM
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Default Which Shotgun

I'm looking for a nice 12 gauge under 300$ i would like it to be a semi auto, but it could be pump. What do you guys recomdend for a beginner? I dont want something that recoils too hard for a 15 year old. I would like it to be semi accurate and peferbly not too heavy. I will be using this for turkey and little bit of deer. Also whats the best choke(for turkey) for the gun?
Thanks alot guys

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Old 02-13-2003, 02:59 PM
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

Even though I own a couple of fine auto shotguns and some expensive over and unders, I' m a little on the old fashion side when it comes to turkeys. A lot of people would shrug their shoulders and laugh but one of my favorite turkey guns is a single shot New England Firearms 12 gauge Pardner with a fixed full choke. It is still a fairly cheap (a little over a $100.00 retail) gun and one doesn' t worry about scratching or dinging it up in the turkey woods. For a 15 year old it would certainly be safe being you have to pull the hammer back before it will fire. However it wouldn' t be what I would consider a good deer gun. Mossberg is offering a combo barrelled pump in the 500 series for around $370.00.

It would be difficult to find a quality new gun for under $300.00. Mossberg does offer a pump gun called a Maverick 88 series that the suggested retail is $250.00 for a 28 inch barrel. I don' t have any experience with these so I can' t vouch for the quality of the Maverick 88.

However if you can stretch a little Mossberg, Remington, and Winchester offer some pumps that are close to that number. I would pick the Mossberg or Remington over the Winchester because I think the slide action is built a little better.

Most of the turkey hunters are using a full choke (the tighter the better, hence so many after market chokes) with their turkey loads (1 1/2-2 oz. loads) and they do pack a wallop. Assuming your just taking close shots (25 yards) I wouldn' t be afraid to use a standard 1 1/4 ounce hunting load. If recoil is an issue with the 15 year old that would help, but usually in the excitement of the moment recoil is not a big deal, it is the practicing that hurts.

Good luck.
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Old 02-13-2003, 10:11 PM
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

I think the New England Firearms pardner 12ga with full choke would be enough. At our local walmart the gun is priced at about $85.00. Most people will get the more expencive turkey version that shoots a 3-1/2" shell but then they normaly only shoot a 3" shell in it so it' s pretty pointless to spend the extra money.

I wouldn' t get a mossberg. I have one and it' s ok, but when you shoot the slide comes about three quarters of the way which some like, but I don' t.

If you do decide not to get the single shot NEF, I would pick a remington pump. Or a Charles Daily auto. The remington is like a standard to which other shotguns are measured against, and charles daily is comming out with some fair quality products now with good customer sevice.
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Old 02-14-2003, 08:43 AM
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

Remington 870 Express.
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

i dont know what a good used 110 or 11-87 goes for but im very happy with my rem. 870.
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

I don' t know how prices are in the U.S compared with the U.K , but I bought a browning silver hunter 4 years ago (it was the cheapest semi auto on the market £300) and I have had no trouble with it at all , it' s a working gun and its in the truck or on the quad every day its fire about 10000 rounds and I haven' t had a jam yet and thats using just about every size of load.
A freind of mine has a new bennelli and a browning gold and he has no end of trouble with them jamming.
Hope this is of some interest and it would be good to hear how you guys rate the silver.

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Default RE: Which Shotgun

Hi, I have a Mossberg 835 Ulti Mag 12 gauge, 28in. all cammo shotgun, 4 different choke tubes, and I love this gun. This shotgun is so rugged and dependable, shoots 2.75, 3inch and 3 1/2 inch shells and it is all I need. I hunt ducks, deer, hogs, all small game, and turkey.
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Default RE: Which Shotgun

i like the 870 thats a nice gun. you should save some more money and get the rem 1100.

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